Taraweeh (Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)

The Hanafees say: There are twenty rak’ahs of Taraweeh to be offered daily as compulsory Sunnah in Ramadan.  But Ahl-i-Hadith and Shias are never convinced with it. To the Ahl-i-Hadith, Taraweeh and Tahajjud are one and the same thing; the number of rak’ahs in each is eight. The twenty rak’ahs of Taraweeh is a schism, an innovation to the Ahl-i-Hadith. There is and has always been continuous bickering over this issue among the Hanfees and the Ahl-i-Hadith. The Hanafees confess this fact that there was no practice of offering Taraweeh before the saga of Hazrat Umar, even then they consider the renouncers of Taraweeh as the sinful and the wrongful. The question is: “What is its genuineness?”

There is no mention of Taraweeh in the Quran. These were initiated at the time of Allah’s Messenger or of Hazrat Umar’s. This is a question of history. The Shias and the Sunnees have disagreement over it.  Everyone is aware of these discussions and controversies. On the question whether the number of rak’ahs in Taraweeh is eight or twenty, there is disagreement within the Sunnees itself. And no one is
unaware of these debates.

Islam is the name of the life for preserving the human self within the boundary walls of the Quran. For this purpose, it is necessary that the human (Muslim) must know as to what are the boundary walls of the Quran and along with it, s/he must also get him/herself up for self-control. The month of Ramadan is the specific instrument for inculcating and substantiating each of these two matters: (i) what are the boundary walls of the Quran; and (ii) getting him/herself up for self-control. In the modern terminology, call it a Training Camp or a Refresher Course. The fasting makes the human get him/herself up for leading striven-life through self-control. And its fixing is in this month, wherein the beginning of revelation of the Quran was initiated.

So it brings this stark fact to the fore-front: That special arrangements during this Training Course should be made for gushing forth the entire Quran to the striven-people, the Mujahideen so that they may fully comprehend as to what the connection of “the sword and the Quran” is with each other; and That how these two, “the sword and the Quran”, come to be the instrument for safeguarding each other.

It appears that the Islamic system of the First Era, in order to bring the Quran to the mind of the people all at the same time, devised this method – and method is now being performed only to acquire the reward of a virtuous act (Sawaab). It is because the way the Quran
is recited now, during the Taraweeh, is neither understood by the Quran-conner who cause others to hear it as to what he had recited, nor do their disciples in the congregation comprehend it as to what they have listened. And it is obvious that the way the words of the Quran are repeated and heard without being understood cannot make the exposition of the Quran understandable. And neither can it be known
which design of life it carves for us. When the system of caliphate based on the precept of Nabuvva is established, its job will be to oversee as to where the revamping is essential in our traditional mores and cores of life. It will then be the time, whence-fore the correct concept of “Sin and Sawaab” would come to the fore-view of the masses.

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