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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 104 Al-Humazah (G A Parwez)

Surah 104: Al-Humazah

(The Slanderer)


(1-2) (O Rasool! Tell these people explicitly that) A person whose only aim in life is to amass wealth and then keep on counting how much he has collected (this becoming his main purpose in life – 70:18), develops a tendency to find a hundred and one faults with any reformer who stands up to criticize the capitalistic system. He even slanders such a reformer, making all this effort mainly to cause a split amongst his followers.

(3) Does he believe that his wealth will always save him from calamities?

(4) If he believes this, he is under a false impression. All his wealth will be thrown into jahannam (destruction), which in turn will break it into crumbs. It will thus be of no use to anyone (9:35).

(5) Who else except Allah Almighty can tell you what this jahannam of destruction is?

(6-7) This is the fire ignited by Allah’s Law of Mukafat, the flames of which engulf their hearts.

(8-9) This fire has been kept enclosed in lofty columns, which (out of sheer ignorance) these people consider to be an everlasting source of life. (Their own wealth, which they were so proud of, will turn into fire, reducing the very substance of their life to ashes.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 103 Al-Asr (G A Parwez)

Surah 103: Al-Asr

(The Flight of Time)


(1) The time which has passed, the entire history of mankind testifies that

(2) Human efforts have always ended in failure and man’s labour has gone to waste. After every step and at each stage, he was unsuccessful and in loss. He has never been able to achieve his objective.

(3) There is however, an exception. Who are the people who were successful, triumphant and victorious?

These are the people who believe in the stability and strength of the unalterable principles of life and permanent values given by Allah Almighty. They do righteous deeds which help sort out intricate problems of mankind, thereby creating equality (evenness) in society, which in turn develops every individual’s latent potentialities.

However, this cannot be done individually. It can only be achieved through collective efforts. As such, these people live a collective life where everyone not only performs his own duty and does the work assigned to him, he also persuades his colleagues to do their best and to face the difficulties which come their way, with fortitude and steadfastness. Their common pursuit for truthfulness and firmness thus becomes a binding link between them. They firmly and continuously adhere to this attitude, leaving behind their imprints for coming generations.

These are the characteristics of the Muslims thus ensuring their success and victory. The stories of the lives of other human beings are full of failures; and pages of history bear testimony to this fact!

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 102 At-Takaathur (G A Parwez)

Surah 102: At-Takaathur

(Greed for More)

(1) O people, do you know what makes you oblivious to the real destination of mankind? The answer is obsession, avarice and rivalry, because of which each tries to excel above the other (in amassing wealth and acquiring more and more – 57:20, 83:26).

(2) (If you confine your demands to fulfilling only your own needs, then what is acquired would be limited. However, when the motive is to excel over each other, then there can be no limit. In that case) The more you acquire the greedier you become, till such time that you reach your grave.

(3) This is not something which cannot be comprehended. If you think of it dispassionately you would soon realize how destructive this attitude is.

(4) Of course you can quickly understand the outcome of this way of life.

(5-6) If you apply your mind and seriously think about it you will see, with your own eyes, the jahannam towards which this life is taking you (29:54, 79:36, 82:16).

(7) But it appears that you will not use your intellect and reason; and you will blindly continue to follow this way till you fall into jahannam. Then for sure you will see it with your own eyes.

(8) At that time you will be questioned about the bounties the Almighty had bestowed for the nourishment of mankind, but which you collected to satisfy your own greed. You will also be asked whose toil and blood it was that decorated your palaces of joy and pleasure and what right you had to usurp them (21:13).

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 101 Al-Qaariah (G A Parwez)

Surah 101: Al-Qaariah

(The Calamity)


(1) Yes! That extremely noisy and thundering revolution! That uproar and stormy clash (which is likely to happen soon)!

(2) How awful that revolution will be (69:4)!

(3) Who else, except Allah Almighty, can tell you what will happen in that revolution?

(4) People will be like scattered moths;


(5) And their mighty chieftains will appear like fluffy tufts of wool flying around in the air.

(6-7) However, the revolution will not merely be an aimless riotous event. It will help establish a system based on justice and fair play, instead of the current unjust and unfair order. Everyone in it will be assigned a position according to his deeds. The one whose deeds weigh heavier in the scales will find himself in a happy and blissful life, just as he desires.

(8-9) And the one whose deeds are lighter on the scales will fall in the depths of degradation. His mind (or intellect) would not be of any help, and he will wander in utter suffering and despair.

(10) And what is this depth of degradation?

(11) It is a fiercely blazing fire burning everything down to ashes. (The rebellious emotions of man, which do not stay under the wahi, produce such results.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 100 Al-Aadiyaat (G A Parwez)

Surah 100: Al-Aadiyaat

(The Chargers)


(1) Just look at the plundering bandits who come on galloping and snorting horses, charging on to the people who are enjoying peaceful sleep!

(2) They make the steeds run at such speeds that their hooves give off sparks.

(3) No one knows from how far they have come, but at the crack of dawn when people are still in deep sleep, they make their assault for the sake of looting and killing.

(4) To create panic and confusion, they raise a huge cloud of dust so that nothing is clearly visible; and

(5) Then they penetrate deep into the ranks of the sleeping folks and create havoc.

(6-8) Man’s tendency to loot and plunder shows that when he insanely pursues the acquisition of wealth, he forgets the codes and rules of law. Instead of developing means of sustenance by using his innovative creativity, he wants to usurp the hard earned money of others and hoard it for himself. He thus shows his ungratefulness to the divine order of Rabubiyyat. Furthermore, he never acknowledges this mentality. Instead, he presents looting and plundering as great feats; and his own life shows that he does all this for his limitless greed and love of wealth (102:1-2).

(9-10) Is he not aware that Our Law of Mukafat exposes everything that is hidden, including the innermost thoughts and secrets passing quietly through one’s mind? A man may assert that he is not doing all this for his love of wealth, and that his intentions are different. However, Our Law of Mukafat shall expose his real intentions.

(11) Although all these secrets will be unveiled on the day the deeds are manifested, Allah Almighty knows them even today. He knows what the human heart actually holds back and what it reveals! (No capitalist will ever accept that he collects money due to greed. This however, is self-deception. A time will come when they will not be able to hide these desires and the world will become aware of them.)



In the first five verses of this surah, the Holy Qur’an has not clarified the parties that were looting. Considering Verse 6 and others thereafter, we have concluded that the earlier verses refer to groups who used to attack to loot, which was a common practice at the time of Arab ignorance (jahlia). However, if these verses are for the mujahideen (Muslim soldiers) who used to attack to conquer opponents, then these would imply praise for their effort. The later verse would complement it by saying that should man be left on his own, he would tend to collect everything for himself leaving nothing for poorer people. To stop them from this one has to break their strength with jihad (war). The mujahadeen sacrifice their lives and their horses for this purpose.

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 99 Az-Zalzalah (G A Parwez)

Surah 99: Az-Zalzalah

(The Earthquake)

(1) When that great revolution occurs, the present unjust socio-economic system will be completely overturned; and

(2) The oppressive forces which impose their authority on earth will be thrown out; and

(3) Human beings (who never imagined that a revolution, whereby the powerful and wealthy people and nations would meet such a miserable consequence) would be extremely surprised at how this change took place.

(4) Then history would repeat itself; and the episodes of earlier nations would stand out as a stark reality.

(5) All this shall happen exactly according to the divine law.

(6) On that day, a new system of justice will be established; the noble and the guilty will be separated (36:59); every group will clearly see the results of their deeds.

(7) Whosoever follows the divine laws, even to a very small extent, and does noble deeds will see pleasant results.

(8) And whosoever goes against the law, even to a very small extent, would get appropriate punishment.

All this shall happen in this world also, both when the Qur’anic order is being established (as it happened during the time of Nabi Muhammad (PBUH), as well as in the hereafter, when the deeds of all human beings will manifest themselves in front of them.


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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 98 Al-Baiyyinah(G A Parwez)

Surah 98: Al-Baiyyinah

(The Clear Proof)

(1) These people who call themselves Ahl-ul-Kitab are in fact those who reject Allah’s deen (and follow their self-made religions); and the Arab mushrikeen (polytheists) who claim to have never received the divine scripture, could not have freed themselves from the chains to which they were fastened, until they had received clear wahi. (This wahi has now come in the form of the Qur’an; and its sole objective is to free them from the chains to which they have fastened themselves – 7:157.)

(2) They have received this wahi through the Rasool, who presents before them pure (Qur’anic) verses which are free from defects;

(3) These are the verses of the Qur’an which contains unchangeable divine laws and permanent values of life.

(4) But such is the state of these Ahl-ul-Kitab (People of the Book) that despite the clear and candid laws that have been revealed, (instead of believing in the Qur’an and paving the way for the unity of mankind) they started to create factions.

(5) They did so in spite of being commanded by the Qur’an to follow only the divine laws; to deny anyone else as their sovereign; and to leave everything else aside in order to unite on one point. They should concentrate their efforts on establishing the system of Sala and providing for the nourishment and development of mankind. This is the only firm system that guarantees benefit and uplift to mankind.

(6) However, the Ahl-ul-Kitab adopted divergent ways in this regard. Some accepted it, while others rejected it; and the mushrikeen have the same attitude. The end result for all those who have refused to accept the truth of the (divine) system would be awful destruction in which everything would be reduced to ashes; and they would abide therein (for ever). (This state of affairs would continue even after death.) Such is the life of the worst of creatures.

(7) On the contrary, people who believe in the truth of the divine system and work in accordance with the constructive programme (as determined by the Almighty) are the best of creatures.

(8) The results of their righteous deeds shall come before them according to Allah’s Law of Mukafat. They shall abide forever in a heavenly society, the freshness of which would never fade (because this state would not end with death). This is because they have brought themselves into harmony with the divine laws, and the results of their deeds shall be drawn up according to the promises made to them by the Almighty.

All this happened because these people had wisdom and far-sightedness. They were afraid that if they did not lead lives according to the divine laws, then the outcome would be doom.

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 97 Al-Qadr (G A Parwez)

Surah 97:  Al-Qadr


(1) We revealed the Qur’an with permanent values and principles at a time when the world had become dark, without the light of wahi. Hence, the night when the revelation started was indeed the beginning of a new era (2:185, 14:1, 44:1-4, 81:17-19).

(2) Who can tell you better than Allah Almighty, how sublime and dignified the night was when these illuminating values and principles were revealed?

(3) This one night is better than the thousands of months when mankind had been deprived of the light of wahi.

(4) This night is in fact the harbinger of the era which is destined to emerge with the revelation of the Qur’an; the specialty of that era is that gradually the heavenly forces (forces of nature) and the divine revelation(1) would supplement one another. Under divine guidance, human beings will continue to conquer the forces of nature and gradually utilize them for the universal rabubiyya of mankind. Peace and order shall thus prevail in every aspect of human life.

(5) The world would thus be rid of all darkness and ultimately the earth will glitter with the most wondrous light of its Rabb (39:69, 83:6).

—- Footnote —–

(1)          Ar-Rooh is the divine energy that makes laws in the world of amr. This divine energy revealed wahi to the heart of the Nabi. That is why wahi has also been called Ar-Rooh. So, considering the context, we have taken Ar-Rooh to mean divine energy at times, and wahi in other places (see 16:2, 42:53, 17:85-86, 2:97-87, 26:193, 70:4, 78:38).


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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 96 Al-Alaq (G A Parwez)

Surah 96: Al-Alaq

(The Clot)

(1) O Rasool! You should proclaim the attribute of rabubiyya of your Rabb, Who is the creator of the universe. Proclaim that the One who has created living beings has also created means for their nourishment.

(2) Man however, differs from everything else. On the one hand he happens to be social and has to live alongside other people. On the other, if he was not guided by wahi, everyone would adhere to the means of nourishment like leeches; and continue to suck the blood of other people (17:100, 70:19).

(3) In order to overcome this conflict, it is important to unite all human beings in understanding that Almighty Allah has created means of nourishment in abundance. It is thus available for everyone. Accordingly, the socio-economic system you establish should fulfill this objective.

(4) To achieve this objective, the Almighty gave man the capability to communicate his ideas to distant places through writings. This brings human beings closer to one another, despite long distances and differences in time, and paves the way for the unity of mankind.

(5) Then (through wahi) He imparted knowledge that man did not have before.

(6-7) However, man believes that he does not need wahi and devises his own system, based on selfish interests. In that system, the person who somehow amasses immense wealth, believes that he does not need others and thereby rebels against the concept of universal nourishment of mankind.

(8) However haughty and rebellious he may be, one day he has to come to the system of his Rabb. This is so because there is no other solution to his problems.

(9-10) Have you ever pondered on the state of mind of a person who rebels against wahi? Not only does he himself go astray, but he also becomes a big hurdle for others who want to follow the divine law.

(11-12)  Just think. If a person who is on the right path persuades others to do the same, advising them to remain conscious of the divine laws and guard them (and thus establish a system based on justice and equality), then what right does anybody have to stop him from doing this?

(13) And telling people that this person’s claim of universal rabubiyya is absolutely false; that this has never happened in the past, nor is it ever possible in the future. By propagating such ideas and blocking the way to human progress, he persuades people to adopt a retrogressive attitude.

(14) Does he not know that Allah’s Law of Mukafat keeps an eye over all his movements and actions?

(15) (Does he think that he can go on doing this unchecked; that no one will stop him?) No, not at all! If he does not desist from this, however strong he may be, We shall drag him down by his forelock, in a way that he will not be able to move even a little.

(16) He is a liar who belies the concept of Nizam-e-Rabubiyya and rebels against the divine laws. The guilty one considers himself to be a big lord!

(17) Tell him to come forward (in the open field) along with his associates.

(18) We too shall call all the forces who are ready to defend the truth; so that they can push these adversaries back.

(19) Therefore O Rasool, you should never feel the necessity of compromising with them. (The question of any compromise between conflicting ideologies of life does not arise. What you have to do is) Obey the divine laws to the maximum possible extent as, in this way, every step of yours will take you nearer to your destined goal.

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 95 At-Teen (G A Parwez)

Surah 95: At-Teen

(The Fig)

(1-3) (O Rasool! The clash between good and evil that you are facing today is not something new. Similar situations have arisen from the beginning of time and will continue to do so. Whenever a divine revolutionary voice was raised, the forces of selfish interests, despotic rulers, capitalists and priests always opposed it. Hence, history bears testimony that) When this proclamation was made by Noah from the Mount of Teen, it met similar opposition; and the same happened when Jesus spoke from the Mount of Olive. When Moses commenced the same revolution from the Mount of Sinai, he too was similarly confronted. Now, when you are undertaking this mission from the city of Makkah (the city which is to become the centre of peace and security – 2:126), it is facing similar opposition.

(4) This struggle occurs because We have bestowed man with the ability to nourish and develop his self and lead a balanced life in a dignified manner.

(5) However, his selfish interests pull him down to the level of animal life. (The heavenly revolution wants to raise him to an elevated human level, but this goes against the vested interests of selfish people. A clash thus occurs between these forces and as a result, one group attains a high position in human dignity. But later generations start interpolating the divine code and subsequently again fall to the lower animal level. This is the situation of the Arabs who are being addressed here.)

(6) The only way to ascend to the highest human level is to believe firmly in the truth of the divine laws and to act upon the virtuous programme determined by them. As long as a nation continues to follow this programme it will keep deriving benefits, which it will get, not as charity but as a matter of right (11:108, 84:25).

(7) After you present these unalterable facts and historical evidence, what other argument could there be for one to lie to you about Our Law of Mukafat?

(8) The Law of Mukafat (retribution) testifies that no one has supreme authority and power, except Allah Almighty. The final judgment in all matters is always made according to His laws. (The Qur’anic order means a state in which sovereignty is only exercised by the divine laws, namely the Qur’an. It is only this order which maintains human dignity and through which mankind is saved from falling to an animal level.)

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