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Tolu-e-Islam’s vision, mission, and purpose

Islam is the final and complete Deen or system of life given by Allah. The Messenger (PBUH) implemented this Deen in practice and showed to the world how this creates a heavenly system on Earth; and how it is universally beneficial that results in the nourishment and development of all humankind.

Here is what Tolu-e-Islam publically proclaims about its vision, mission, and purpose:

  1. Human intellect alone cannot solve life’s problems. Allah’s revelation (وحی – Wahi) is required for human guidance in the same way that vision requires light.
  2. Allah’s revelation in its complete and final form is safely preserved in the Quran. This is the permanent source of guidance for humanity for all time. Therefore, no further revelation, nor any prophet, nor any messenger from Allah can come now. The Quran is the final book of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) His last prophet and messenger.
  3. Every claim of the Quran is based on reason and knowledge, and its truths are beyond space and time. In order to comprehend Quranic truths, it is essential to keep abreast of the advances made in human knowledge. And since Allah has endowed human beings with the ability to conquer the forces of nature, it is necessary that these forces be conquered, but only to fulfill His program for humanity.
  4. The life and character of the Messenger (PBUH) represents the pinnacle of human dignity, decency, and greatness. His exemplary life is the best role model for humanity. There is no doubt about that part of the Messenger’s life which is preserved in the Quran. However, in regard to the part which is outside the Quran, if there are historical narrations which contradict the Quran, or if they go against the high moral character of the Messenger (PBUH), then these narrations are to be questioned and should not be attributed to the Messenger (PBUH). The same applies to the lives of his companions (R).
  5. The goal of the Deen is to promote obedience to the laws of Allah by freeing human beings from obedience to other human beings, no matter what their form whether mental or physical.
  6. The purpose of the system of Deen, based on the Quran, is to allow the development of latent potential of human beings according to the permanent values given by Allah in the Quran. Hence, it is necessary that this system accept the responsibility of providing the basic needs of life, such as food, housing, education, health care, etc. to all human beings.
  7. Tolu-e-Islam does not belong to any political party nor does it belong to any religious group or sect (and it has nothing to do with the sect known as Ahle-Quran). Also, it does not want to create any new sect because, as mentioned above, such act of creating sects in Deen is Shirk (شرک). Tolu-e-Islam does not advocate any change in the way different sects in the Ummah (اُمہ) are practicing the five pillars. In fact, it adheres to the same practices. Tolu-e-Islam seeks to propagate the Quranic teachings.

This is the mission of Tolu-e-Islam presented over the years۔

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