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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 86 At-Taariq (G A Parwez)

Surah 86: At-Taariq

(The Bright Star in the Night)

(1) The cosmic heights and At-Taariq, stand testimony to a great realty.

(2) Who other than Allah can tell you what is meant by At-Taariq?

(3) The bright star which shines with piercing brightness in the darkness of the night. (It appears at night, but its brightness is not lost during daytime. It is only that during daytime it cannot be seen with our naked eye.)

(4) (Exactly the same condition applies to human deeds. In deceiving himself, a person is under the impression that his deeds which are hidden from the eyes of others are lost. Therefore, how can he be asked to account for them? This is a false idea. Human deeds, whether visible or invisible, are never lost.) We have made proper arrangements for preserving everyone’s deeds.

(5) (Sometimes they are hidden and at other times visible; just as at times you see life in a manifest form while at other times it is latent. Should one seriously reflect on this, it would not be difficult to understand. For instance) He should ponder on how he was created.

(6) He was created from a (seminal) fluid which ejaculates into the womb.

(7) It does not draw directly from its place of creation to the womb. It oozes out, passes between the sacrum and pelvic bones of the man and then reaches its destined point. (The sperm in the fluid carries life in a latent form; and after passing through various stages in the mother’s womb, it appears in a visible form.)

(8) (Ask the people who say that a human being cannot regain life after death, what is impossible about it? Life exists in a manifest form in this world; with physical death it becomes hidden. The Almighty previously brought it into a manifest form from its hidden state. So) Does He not have the power to bring it to a manifest form once again? Most definitely He has the power to do so!

(9) At that time, just as life will become visible again, the hidden results of human deeds will be also be exposed.

(10) At that time neither would there be any power which could stop the results of human deeds from taking form; nor would man have any helper who could save him from the results of his deeds.

(11) (That was about life after death. However, a great revolution is about to come here also. And for this) New facets of heavenly bodies appear before us due to their continuous revolving state;

(12) And the earth, which splits open the seed, brings forth the shoot from it (thereby manifesting life from a latent condition).

(13) (In short) All these phenomena of nature, in which the process of destruction and reconstruction continues, stand testimony to the fact that a revolution in the social life of human beings (as mentioned repeatedly) is an established certainty. (Presently, its initial destruction phase is in progress. With time, this seed will sprout and become a plant and at an appropriate time it will become a crop – 48:29.)

(14) This is not an absurd claim or the loquacity of an insane person.

(15) These opponents are making plans (to stop its occurrence);

(16) But Our law is not negligent. It is also busy making its own plans.

(17) The question is only that of respite which is the time-lag between sowing the seed and the sprouting of verdure. Thus leave them alone for the time being (to their own doings). They are getting a little respite according to Our Law of Mukafat. Eventually, they will be seized and the revolution mentioned earlier will come.

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