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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 73 Al-Muzzammil (G A Parwez)

Surah 73: Al-Muzzammil
(The Enwrapped)

(1) O Rasool! After undertaking the most important responsibility of risala, the first step is to organize and train your companions so that they have complete uniformity, homogeneity and harmony of vision. (This caravan should then march towards its destination in peace and order. Creating such an organization is the first responsibility of the leader.)
(2) It is for this purpose that their continuous education and training is very important. (You might not have enough time during the day, therefore) You will also have to work during the night (17:79, 76:26).
(3) This does not mean that you have to stay awake the whole night – perhaps half of it, or more, or less (as required).
(4) During these assemblies, explain the Qur’an to them in a manner that its comprehensiveness and discipline are beautifully highlighted. Then, inculcate this in the same order in their practical life. (You should work on its injunctions with harmony; in the same manner as we have tied its various verses – 25:32.)
(5) This is important because We are soon going to entrust you with a great responsibility (to revolutionize society according to the Qur’an and establish the divine order. This requires a lot of courage, steadfastness and endurance).
(6) (There are many reasons why We have asked you to undertake the task of educating and training your companions during night time.) Firstly, working at night enables man to overcome laziness and lethargy, thus strengthening his will power. Secondly, potent concentration is possible during the peaceful night hours, thus making the subject matter more clear and the mind more receptive.
(7) Moreover, during the day you have to face many opponents and do various other tasks which keep you busy and on the move the whole day long. (During the day you can hardly find any time for work that needs peace and concentration.)
(8) Always (day and night) keep the attributes of your Rabb before you (for these have to be practically enforced in society.) Accordingly, withdraw yourself from other things and with full devotion concentrate exclusively on the attainment of this goal.
(9) You have the task of a universal revolution before you, which is to establish the authority of the Almighty. This is to be done after doing away with all other powers so that a human being does not have to be subservient to anyone except the divine laws. For this purpose keep moving ahead with full confidence in the divine laws. The system will cross the boundaries of Arabia, spread out from east to west, reach the Persian and the Roman empires and ultimately become universal.
(10) Do not be depressed by what your opponents say about you. Ignore them and remain firm and steadfast on your programme. Do not get involved with them. Save yourself by gracefully withdrawing from these people who are not prepared to even listen to you (5:13, 15:85).
(11) All those people who are intoxicated by their wealth, belie Our laws. Leave them to Our Law of Mukafat; and give them a little respite. Our law will take care of these capitalists.
(12) For them We have prepared fetters and handcuffs, which will put a stop to their wickedness and arrogance.
(13) And food will get stuck in their throats and choke them; a grievous painful torment. (Such will be the end of the capitalistic system, whereby their wealth becomes a punishment for them. What they have acquired by exploiting others chokes them to death. The destruction is built into the system itself.)
(14) On that day, all these great leaders and their followers shall tremble (before your power and strength). And the leaders who at present look like mountains will become like sand dunes, slipping away on their own.
(15) O Rasool! Tell them, “As has been shown to you, neither is the purpose for which I have been sent new, nor is the outcome of those who oppose. The earlier messengers also had such a revolutionary message and those who opposed them met a similar fate. Amongst them was the revolution brought by Moses; and the Pharaoh’s end is known to all of you. We have sent you to these people, O Rasool, so that you may supervise them and see what they do.
(16) The Pharaoh rebelled against the divine laws as presented by Our messenger (Moses). Our Law of Mukafat seized him (the Pharaoh) with such a severe grip that he could not get out of it.
(17) Tell them that when (such a powerful and strong ruler like) the Pharaoh could not escape Our grip after disobeying Our laws, how can they get away? The doom and destruction will be so severe that it would instantly age their children. (Normally, childhood goes through adulthood before the start of physical decline. But this revolution will instantly bring about the downfall of the wrong system.)
(18) The severity will be such that it will make the skies burst. This destruction is unavoidable; and it is bound to come.
(19) What We are saying is a historic fact and a clear reminder containing many lessons. Whoever wants to can learn a lesson from it and adopt a course that will lead him straight to the Nizam-e-Rabubiyya (universal system of sustenance) ordained by your Rabb.
(20) (We want to draw your attention to the point from where We started the discussion. That is) Your Rabb surely knows that you are busy accomplishing your programme for almost two-thirds of the night; or half of it; or sometimes one-third of it. Many of your companions are also with you. However, Allah has determined measures for the night and day. Night has been provided for rest (78:9-11). He knows (how enthusiastic and desirous you are to see that this programme is implemented as soon as possible; and that is why you do not care about your sleep or rest. However) you will not be able to sustain this schedule much longer. Thus He cannot permit you to undertake such strenuous and unbearably hard work, except in an emergency when one may have to work for long hours. Under normal circumstances reasonable limits should not be exceeded. Allah wants convenience for you. Hence, you should be content with small portions of the Qur’an, which you can conveniently inculcate into the hearts of your companion. These portions will thus take root therein and grow and flourish. He knows that some of you are weak and may fall sick. Some of you have to travel far to other places in search of livelihood. Some of you have to participate in wars in defense of this order, for which good health and stamina are necessary. Therefore, ponder over only smaller portions of the Qur’an so that these can be understood and assimilated easily. Establish the Nizam-us-Sala (the Qur’anic system) gradually and also make arrangements for the nourishment and development of mankind. For this objective give your wealth to the divine order as a loan and it will be returned to you manifold. In other words (in the initial stages of the establishment of the order) We shall credit your account with any good you do; and ultimately all will be returned to you together with a great reward. (This divine system will return to you every penny which you spend now; and along with it even your own self will be nourished.) Thus, seek protection from Allah against the dangers being created by your opponents. He will keep you safe from the dangers and also provide you abundant means of nourishment.

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