Quranocracy: Foreword – Dr. Sayed Abdul Wadud

Democracy has been a terrible experience in Pakistan since its inception.     The events that took place before the year 1958 i.e., before the first Martial Law in the country and those that took place after the year 1988 i.e., the end of the last Martial Law, have been so tragic and so disgraceful that sometimes it appears as if no government exits in the country. The failure of Western democracy is due to the fact that Pakistan came into existence as the outcome of Two Nation theory and the very survival of the country depends on the introduction, here, of an Islamic Social Order. On the other hand, the basic principles of an Islamic Social Order are incompatible with the basic principles of Democracy. The remedy for this ailment is to make a fresh start from the very beginning, by giving the Constitution of the state a new form consistent with the Quranic fundamental principles. That is the only way to make the state of Pakistan happy, prosperous and progressive.

We must realize that the government of an Islamic State is neither Aristocracy, in which the supremacy is that of privileged persons; nor Autocracy, in which the supremacy is that of a dictator or an absolute ruler, nor Bureaucracy, in which the officials reign supreme; nor Theocracy in which the priestly class is the dominant authority; nor Democracy, in which the sovereignty lies in the people. It is ‘Quranocracy’, in which the sovereignty lies in the injunctions, laws and permanent values given by the Quran, which is the only final, complete and unadulterated revealed Book now present on the face of the earth.

The contents of this book shall serve as a guide in order to put into practice an Islamic Social Order in the country, free from exploitation of all kinds. In the first chapter of this book, we have described the defects of a regime based on Western democracy and the incompatibilities of Western democracy with the Islamic Social Order. Further, our own experience of democracy in Pakistan has also been described in some detail.

In the second chapter of this book, it is stated that after centuries of unsuccessful experiments based on man-made laws, modern man is still in search of the kind of laws which are eternal and unchangable, applicable to all, at all times. These laws are available inside the Quran only, which is the last revealed book of Allah. A fairly detailed description of permanent values has been provided in this chapter.

In the third chapter, it is stated that the emergence of Nation-States in the world, has produced a disastrous effect on humanity and that all the political, economic, moral and social problems of the world are the result of the concept of Nationalism.

Nationalism has split up humanity into offensive groups, each being a formidable foe of the other. It has been described further that internationalism is not the remedy for eliminating the effects of nationalism. The remedy lies in universalism, which is the political goal prescribed by the Quran for humanity.

In the fourth chapter of the book, the basic principles of the Quranic Constitution for an Islamic State has been described, which is the ultimate objective of writing this book and which shall serve as a guide to the making of a fresh constitution, in the event that we are determined to make Pakistan a real Islamic State. This constitution based on the fundamental principles of the Quran, shall provide a way out of the present difficulties in which we are deeply entangled. The survival of the State of Pakistan depends on adopting the way of life prescribed by the Quran.

The fifth chapter of this book deals with the position of AHADIS and FIAQ laws in the Constitution of an Islamic State.

In the sixth chapter of this book, it has been said that the Quran does not prescribe the form of Government for an Islamic State. It has been left for the Muslim Ummah to make its own decision in this respect according to the demands of the time. However, the forms of governments prevalent in the modern world have been described in this chapter for the interest of the readers, and finally the views of the writer in this regard.

I earnestly request the intelligentsia of Pakistan, especially our learned lawyers to ponder over this work and to give their comments; because it is only after a combined effort that we can reach the goal of establishing an Islamic Social Order in Pakistan.

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