Moving Thoughts and Moving Hearts (Dr. Mansoor Alam, Ohio, USA)

Dear Sisters and Brothers: Salam to All

Let us feel the pain — inflicted on all innocent human beings throughout the Land of Allah (Al-Ardu Lillah). An aching humble heart invites the invisible constructive forces (Malaaika). An arrogant or self-righteous heart, no matter how knowledgeable and intelligent, becomes a magnet for the destructive forces ( Shaitaan and Iblis).

In the words of Allama Iqbal, let us pray:

“Kaanta wo dey ki jiski khatak la zawaal ho
Yaa Rab! wo dard jiski kasak la zawaal ho”

O Allah! Give us such an intense passion that makes our hearts ache and our souls restless. Let us keep on struggling forever in the eternal hope– that Thy Last Book, Al-Quran becomes the living, breeding constitution driving the affairs of Thy servants in Thy Land. Let no other book be joined or conjoined with Thy Book.

According to the contract that we have to (consciously and deliberately) sign to become a Momin, neither our property nor our life can be called ours. O Allah! Your message is very clear to everyone whose hearts are open and pure:

“Inn-al-Allah-a-shtraa minul mu’umineena anfusahum wa amwaalahum bi-anna lahumul jannah… (9:111)”

So, if we have the firm conviction on this aayah (and I am sure all of us do) then let us not think, even for a moment, that our wealth is ours or that our life is ours. How generous Allah is that He has bought them both from us (in return for Jannah) but has let us keep them as a trust on His behalf. We are the trustee and not their

Would it not be a crime then in the sight of Allah, if we act otherwise?

We must remember that Allah has His grips even on our thoughts. So, even in our thoughts we must not have the idea that we own anything. When we leave this world we do not take anything except our “self.”

The “self” was given to us by Allah to nurture and develop it by struggling tirelessly and continuously to establish the Quran as a living force in this world and a guide for the destiny of humankind.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to live in a world that is being ruled by non-Quranic forces. This is the source of all our ills. Muslims have been led to believe that Islam is one of the religions of the world. It is not. In fact, it is a threat and a challenge to all of them. That is why there is so much opposition to the pure
message of the Quran.

This is a great tragedy for humanity.

That is where our united hearts and minds can make a difference. We just have to emphasize to Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Islam is not a religion but a Deen, which encompasses all aspects of human life: political, social, economic, judicial, or military.

This becomes an extremely challenging task. The first step is to understand the Quran, not as book of religion but as a constitution containing universal permanent values. But this is only the first step.

The next step is to invite others to its message with love, wisdom and knowledge. This requires great patience, deep psychological insight, and considerable emotional control.

Any tendency for shortcuts or impatience will be unproductive in this program step. Argumentation for the sake of scoring points, or to defend any authority other than the authority of the Quran will not be fruitful at this step.

The final step in this process will be the implementation. This is where Allah asks us to fulfill our contract with Him as Momins according to the verse 9:111.

All the baatil forces will rise up in their opposition against the implementation of the Quran as a living constitution of a people.

“Sateza kaar rahaa hay azal se ta imroz
Chiraaghe mustafawee se sharare bu lahabi”

Those whose hearts would have been made humble by the real knowledge and understanding of the Quran; those whose hearts would have been filled with the passion and the intensity of the message of the Quran; those whose hearts would be aching with the pain and suffering of all the innocent people around the world; those whose hearts would have melted together with the intensity of Iman; and those whose hearts and souls would be restless to fight for the establishment of the Deen of Allah on this earth; all those would willingly sacrifice their lives and wealth in order to fulfill their contract with Allah (9:111)

Brothers and sisters! What a wonderful life that would be! What a wonderful life indeed!!

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