Masses, the Source of All-Power (Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)

International crime is a growing threat in the 21st Century. This crime will rejoin as one of the most dangerous global threats for 21st Century. Even today the growing power and influence of organized groups are the mounting significant threats to the democratic institutions and free market systems. In 10 years (says a study Report), driven by globalization and erosion of state authority, the international criminal threat is most likely to be more diversified. The organized groups of criminals would become a viable alternative to independent brokers by establishing sophisticated networks to facilitate evasion or international sanctions by rogue regimes and/or
terrorist groups. Emerging democracies engaged in wide-ranging reforms would be the most vulnerable to it.

The inherent flurry to it is the religion. Even today, the religion in the international forum is being regarded to be a tool in the hands of the ruling elite to hoodwink the downtrodden, the have-nots, the lower classes, causing them to become heedless to their despairs and tribulations. Consequently some cults have become so much venerable to their followers that they consider their belief only to be the true and all others to be the false. It has galvanized zealotry and fanaticism to convert the others to one’s denomination, leading to rivalry and animosity between various nations. This has enabled the religious hard-liners to over-run alien religious faction’s territory to loot and smack because to them they are “fallacious” in their beliefs, so they unleash upon them every possible brutality. History stands witness
to this fact that it has led to wars on religious questions and has further burgeoned enmity among different religious factions. It has no exception today as well. Bloodshed, homicide, carnage, ransacking, jingoism in the name of religion, hatred, jealousy, prejudice, narrow mindedness and ill-wills from hearts and much more are the consequences of this dogmatic sanctimony.

Where do we stand today? – At the volcanic eruption! What is the responsibility of those believing in the Quran? What to do to combat with this storming international crime and it’s allied offshoots? What are the propagators of Quran doing? And what are those claming
for the Quran to prevail upon for the sustenance of this earthly life busy in?

Rise above; stay with me with the Quran’s vision and wisdom. And stand by this blaze to transform it into “coolness” (Baradan) and “safety” (Salaaman: 21:69 the Quran) for the globe we make our abode! And shun the slogan that masses are the source of all power. Make the immutable laws Allah has given in the Quran, the source of all power, and not in organizing the masses. Then you meet the demand of the Quran.

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