Kitabut Taqdeer New Edition – Parwez (کتاب التقدیر – پرویز)

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11 Responses to Kitabut Taqdeer New Edition – Parwez (کتاب التقدیر – پرویز)

  1. shamroz khan says:

    جزاک اللہ۔ اللہ آپ کی کوششیں قبول فرمائے، یعنی لوگوں کو اس کوشش سےفائدہ حاصل ہو۔

  2. syed arifullah says:

    thanx a lot for ur struggles u people make it possible for every citizen the great allama books and also shared and spread the quranic vision.

  3. nasir says:

    what a great work ever i read…

  4. fahim habeeb says:

    MUBARAK for the new website
    Please translate more books and articles by
    Allama sahab in ENGLISH LANGUAGE…..THANKS

  5. shsh faisal says:

    I think GA pervez have solved our problem. Many many thanks to him

  6. Abdul Samad says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    I am really disappointed to see that the old exposition of the quran link is NOT available. It was very useful and immensely beneficial to me. Now you have converted into a software and i have to spend my whole time opening it and going to different link (finding it really hard). Can you provide me the old links back….please

    Kind regards

    Abdul Samad

    • Salaam Brother Abdul Samad Sahib,
      We are working to provide better and latest files of Exposition of the Holy Quran online. There is no need to use the links of software at all.
      All the files of old website are also being emailed to you. Thanks.
      Best regards,

  7. sameer umar says:

    aapka jo bhi video hai net me hum kaise download karen

  8. Major (Retired) Siddique ALI Khan Basir says:

    Please send me all the files of old website at my email address as it was, comparatively, easy to apprehend and operate. I have the honor to attend almost all Sunday lectures at 25-B Gulberg while coming on foot from my New Campus hostel as there used to be no bus service on Sundays and taxi etc I could not afford. Another great honor that my nikah ceremony was conducted by Parvez Sahib himself.
    Warm regards to every body.

    • Salaam and thanks Major Sahib,
      We are uploading all the files of old website. It is not possible to send you all those files in email due to HEAVY size. If you need some specific files, please inform accordingly.
      Nice to know that you are an old associate of TI. It would be great to have a sitting with you. Please do visit Idara when convenient for you.
      Best regards.

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