Islam as Religion, A Misconception and its Devastation (Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)

The protagonists of Islam-as-Religion say: “Islam says women should stay home, under the veil, looking after their children.” If one reflects this as dictates of Islam, then that would seriously affect the ability of women to find jobs outside their homes. There will then be reduced incentives for parents to send their girls to school   -or, at least, less willingness on their part to educate girls to enable them to make a living. The female literacy would remain low and have the usual consequences for society  -a high rate of fertility, closely spaced children, children in poor health, high rates of infant and child mortality, and morbidity, and so on and so forth. Ultimately this would continuously perpetuate social and economic backwardness. And what will happen with the concept of the Female, the lap of a nation where its future is to be nourished and chiseled in the light of the permanent values given in the Quran?

The protagonists of this concept deal with the mindset that chooses to favour ignorance to knowledge, prejudices to open-mindedness, insularity to exposure. And become the most powerful religious impostors who prey on a wretched and powerless people. These are now the custodians of Khangahs and keep their inhabitants as powerful after their death as in their life. The horrifying phenomenon is that their movement keeps striking roots in the regions/areas/domains dominated by large landlords, tribal chiefs, and custodians of mausoleums of saints. And the havoc they play, you know well.

This all is the devastation of the concept of Islam as religion. We do not only realize it. But unfortunately go on projecting Islam as a System; we go on preaching like the religionists. Then how will Islam-as-System bring its results outlined in the Quran within the count of our own calendar?

Pause and reflect! How can education be brought to the masses to shed this concept? How would education dispel backwardness in these areas and among those affected with this concept? What can we do to help these “destitutes”?

Come forward with actions we are empowered to do.

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