Globalization, Networking, Radiation and the Approach of the Holy Quran (by Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)


This paper describes networking, its uses and information communication inter and intra globe as a village with the shrinking concepts of time and physical distance all over the world. The other salient features elaborated are the impact of internet, networking, radiation along with their applications and the approach the Holy Quran provides for refurbishing the expanding universe and developing the humanity for the greatest benefit of the greatest number. It also elicits the implication for the curriculum at the university level and concludes to ingrain the approach of the Holy Quran in the Warf and web of the system of Higher Education in Pakistan that will be conquering the nature and harmonizing the realizable potentialities of the human being.

For the scum disappears like froth cast out while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth. (13/17)

The most munificent is the only fittest to survive whether flow of information or the mankind.

Computer communicates in two ways: through modems and through networks. Modems allow computers to use the telephone lines or cellular connection to trade data. Networks connect computers directly, either through special wires or by some form of wireless transmission. In this way Network has become a system of interconnected computers that can communicate with each other, share applications and data, make the people aware of one another and pool their resources.

In network communication, media refers to the wires, cables and other means by which data travels from its source to its destination. The most common media for data communication are twisted-pair wire, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, and wireless links. Fiber-optics technology is greatly expanding the number of channels and is becoming the backbone of an increasing number of networks in the future. Permanent networks with wireless links have also become important, especially in situations where it is difficult to run physical wires. Radio waves and microwaves, which is a type of radio waves, are being used for data communication.

Four Advantages of Networking:

In business, educational Institutes and in many other types of organizations network of all types of computers have provided tremendous benefits. Four of the most compelling benefits is:

  1. Allowing simultaneous access to critical inter and intra country, inter and intra university programmes and data. It helps to keep the data on a shared storage device, maintain the data integrity, save money by purchasing special network versions of the most commonly used programmes and save the storage space on the local hard drive.
  2. Allowing potential users to share peripheral devices such as laser printers and scanners which make the cost much more justifiable with network.
  3. Making the back-up process easier. This helps keep all valuable data on a shared storage device for access to the potential users through a network.
  4. Streamlining personal communication with e-mail. This is one of the most far-reaching applications of data communication. It is a system for exchanging written messages, for passing it onto some other potential user, for responding by sending other message back. It is both efficient and inexpensive. E-mail has provided the business world with an entirely new and immensely valuable form of communication.

Types of Networks:

There are generally four categories to describe the many types of network today. These are:

  1. Local Area Networks [LAN]. It is network within a single building or group of adjacent buildings.
  2. Wide Area Networks [WAN]. It connects other networks and covers a large geographical area.
  3. The Client-Server Relationship. It involves microcomputers connected to a network server.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Computing. It allows uses access to every other node in the network.


Another alternative to information services is the Internet. It is a huge network of networks that links many of the worlds scientific, research and educational networks, as well as a growing number of commercial networks. Though it started in 1969, it has become the world’s foremost network for scientific research. Most universities are connected to the Internet. It offers e-mail, bulletin boards and information retrieval services that can access file directories and databases around the world. Another benefit of using the Internet is the ability to search for information on-line. It is probably safe to say that Internet is the single most powerful research tool ever created.


The use of networks has expanded dramatically in recent years. Now you can shop from home, send messages to users around the world, explore the cord catalogues of libraries around the country, obtain software to boost your productivity and join group discussions on almost any topic you choose.

What to expect of networking in the future:

Though so many things are happening in data communications, I will just try to give you, sir, a sense of where the world is going in the form of a couple of the most obvious trends:

  1. Networking will continue to become more sophisticated, more increasing, more important especially the techniques of peer-to-peer relationship and client-server computing.
  2. Data communication through modem is moving in equally exciting directions. It is a trend that makes the services more valuable as more people become connected and share their expertise.
  3. Telecommuting will also expand in the years to come.
  4. Networks would take on a new dimension when every computer would come with the port built-in; just plug your new computer into the old one, you will share devices, memory, data and network – no need to go anywhere physically for any business.

The approach of the Holy Quran:

In contrast to 250 verses of the Holy Quran which are legislative, some 750 verses i.e. nearly one eighth of the Quranic text refers to Phenomena of Nature, and the Holy Quran repeatedly exhorts the believers to ponder over the creation of the miraculous universe and make strenuous efforts to explore the nature. This is because an insight into the creative acts of the Creator stands as a living proof of the existence of the Creator. Moreover, the immutability of the laws of nature provides a source of confidence in another set of laws given to mankind for its guidance, which are equally immutable. The Holy Quran has given a principal for the process of formation.

The basic process of formation 32/4

“He plans His affairs from His highest seat of authority. When a plan is intended to be executed, its starting point is made at the lowest level. Then it is raised step by step to its highest level (passing through various evolutionary stages). It rises up from one stage to another in a (yaum) certain period which may be a thousand years of your reckoning (i.e., a very long period of time).” For this execution the Quran has given the term . The term  has occurred 68 times in the Holy Quran plus 5 times with a pronoun (hoo). In this way this makes it 73. Therefore this word ‘Malaika’ needs elucidation. Two different roots of the word Malaika, as it occurs in the Holy Quran, are found in Arabic dictionaries: one is  (Alif, Laam, and Kaf), which means ‘to send messages’ to communicate, to convey; the other are (Meem, Laam, and Kaf) which means ‘power or energy’. We all know that all Physical communication between any one point of the universe to another is carried out through the agency of radiation. On the other hand all energy or the capacity for doing work, in the universe becomes manifest through radiation. Radiation waves, therefore, being the source of power as well as the means of communication, truly come under the term ‘Malaika’ as for as it relates to the physical world. The outstanding functions of Malaika as described by the Holy Quran are 51/4The distribution of tasks over the universe and in 79 /5

The readjustment of the quality and quantity of the innumerable contents of the universe.So the Malaika are the fundamental form of energy for communication. Their functions are 51/1 by the radiation waves that scatter energy all over the universe, 51/2 by the gravitational force which keeps the huge stars of multi-million tons of mass perfectly balanced in the space, and 51/3-4 by the state of ease and harmony with which these forces of nature work silently and distribute tasks by command of their Creator in all the nooks and corners of the universe.

We know that the ionic and nuclear bonds are being made and unmade in every nook and corner of the universe. One form of energy is being converted into another. Matter is being converted into energy and vice versa. All that is surplus in nature is being given one form after another. The evolutionary processes are thus carried out in perfect silence and harmony and all this depends upon the radiation waves. The Holy Quran describes this process as, 77/1 By the (radiation waves) that are sent forth for the benefit of humanity, 77/2 those that turn into powder (all that is incapable of survival) 77/3-4 And still those that diffuse and make things differentiated, one from the other 77/5 and make the law of (construction and destruction) unveiled (before the humanity) 77/6 So that one may be able to justify his existence by a positive act or take warning by the destructive effect of a negative act.

The making and breaking up of chemical bonds goes on constantly in the universe. This process, however, depends upon the amount of activation and maintenance of energy available. With the increase in the amount of energy the bond making process increases up to a certain extent; beyond that limit, the greater the energy, the more the speed and violence with which the bonds break. The radiation waves smoothly sail across the space and being of different wavelengths, one type exceeds the other in speed, potency and penetration and their consequent effects on environments, which are constantly changing. The whole universe is thus perpetually in a state of commotion. 79/1: by the (radiation waves) that undo (the bonds) with violence by penetrating (into materials), 79/2 And by those that undo (the bonds) with ease, 79/3-4 And by those that smoothly float, one exceeding the other (in the performance of a Particular act), 79/5 and thus readjust the shape of things (in the universe) by command of their Creator.

Allah has bestowed upon man the potency, the potential to make this fundamental form of energy subservient to him through gaining knowledge.

These forces also bring about a psychological change in man:Those who say ‘our Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) is Allah’ and then stand upright and steadfast, the ‘Malaika’ descend on them saying: fear not, nor grieve, but hear glad tidings of the paradise, which you are promised.

That is why the Holy Quran has given the word  16 times about conquering the nature saying in 14/32 And the rivers are subjected to you.

And in 14/33: And He made subjected to you the sun and the moon, both diligently pursuing their courses.

Again in 14/33: and the night and the day He has made subjected to you.

In 45/13: And He has made subjected to you all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth.

On this base, the Holy Quran has differentiated one set of the people from another in this respect as:

  1. Those people, who gain knowledge of the natural phenomena by using their eyes, ears and intellect and at the same time make use of that knowledge for the benefit of humanity, belong to the class of ‘Momins’ and ‘Muttaqis’. They have a bright present and a bright future in this world and in the life hereafter.
  2. Those people who explore nature and gain knowledge of the natural phenomena but do not make use of that knowledge in the light of divine guidance and do not apply it for the benefit of humanity, they do reach the stage of being a man and they do gain the pomp and glory of the present but they have no future before them.
  3. On the other hand, those who never attempt to explore nature do not even reach the stage of being a man or ‘ADAM’ before whom the forces of nature bow down. They have a dark present and a dark future.

The Holy Quran repeatedly impresses upon man to use intellect and explore nature. It is said (3/190-191):

In the creation of heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of day and night, there are indeed signs for men who think over it men who keep before themselves the divine laws, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides and contemplate the wonders of creation in the heavens and the earth (with the thought) our Rabb: thou hast not created all without purpose. Praise be to Thee (Give us knowledge to discover the laws of nature) to save ourselves from destruction.

The Holy Quran impresses upon man, not to accept things blindly and to apply mind before accepting anything. Thus it is said further (51/20-21):

In the earth are clear Signs for those who are convinced (after thorough investigation and research); and also within yourselves; then will you not exercise your vision? This all explains the concept and relationship of man and the forces of nature (Malaika)


This discussion leads to introducing new job-oriented graduate and post-graduate degree programmes in theories of networking, Internet communications and multimedia information communication system techniques for space, the expanding universe and socio-economic setup we are in. This would make our education relevant to the promising needs of society and economy.

The concept of Malaika as the forces of nature, the means of communication bring new vista of intellectual horizon. The belief in Malaika is a part of our conviction and the status given by the Holy Quran is that they are subservient to man: 2/34 Then we said to Malaika (the forces of nature):‘Bow down to Adam (mankind)’ and they bowed down.

The more man gains knowledge of the laws that control the forces of nature, the more these forces bow down before man. This, through networking and multimedia, would help in developing financial network services like on-line shopping, on-line banking, electronic account settlement services, postal financial network system, integrated circuit cards, versatile bubble jet printers, high-resolution digital cameras, the color Ferro-electric-liquid crystal display and so on. Therefore the only way for the universities to help the Muslims regain their past glory is to conform the curricula firmly to the teachings of the Holy Quran, to conquering the forces of communication, to acting upon the teachings of the Holy Quran with determination and thus to getting the Malaika bow down before the man. That will be the only mechanism to face the displaced glamour and lust projected through networking, Internet communications and the CDs developed for knowledge and education. That will provided know-how for fighting war against crime, corruption, gut-wrench hate etc. And then we will have a bright present and a bright future in this world and in the life hereafter.

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