Exposition of the Holy Quran – 99 Az-Zalzalah (G A Parwez)

Surah 99: Az-Zalzalah

(The Earthquake)

(1) When that great revolution occurs, the present unjust socio-economic system will be completely overturned; and

(2) The oppressive forces which impose their authority on earth will be thrown out; and

(3) Human beings (who never imagined that a revolution, whereby the powerful and wealthy people and nations would meet such a miserable consequence) would be extremely surprised at how this change took place.

(4) Then history would repeat itself; and the episodes of earlier nations would stand out as a stark reality.

(5) All this shall happen exactly according to the divine law.

(6) On that day, a new system of justice will be established; the noble and the guilty will be separated (36:59); every group will clearly see the results of their deeds.

(7) Whosoever follows the divine laws, even to a very small extent, and does noble deeds will see pleasant results.

(8) And whosoever goes against the law, even to a very small extent, would get appropriate punishment.

All this shall happen in this world also, both when the Qur’anic order is being established (as it happened during the time of Nabi Muhammad (PBUH), as well as in the hereafter, when the deeds of all human beings will manifest themselves in front of them.


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