Exposition of the Holy Quran – 98 Al-Baiyyinah(G A Parwez)

Surah 98: Al-Baiyyinah

(The Clear Proof)

(1) These people who call themselves Ahl-ul-Kitab are in fact those who reject Allah’s deen (and follow their self-made religions); and the Arab mushrikeen (polytheists) who claim to have never received the divine scripture, could not have freed themselves from the chains to which they were fastened, until they had received clear wahi. (This wahi has now come in the form of the Qur’an; and its sole objective is to free them from the chains to which they have fastened themselves – 7:157.)

(2) They have received this wahi through the Rasool, who presents before them pure (Qur’anic) verses which are free from defects;

(3) These are the verses of the Qur’an which contains unchangeable divine laws and permanent values of life.

(4) But such is the state of these Ahl-ul-Kitab (People of the Book) that despite the clear and candid laws that have been revealed, (instead of believing in the Qur’an and paving the way for the unity of mankind) they started to create factions.

(5) They did so in spite of being commanded by the Qur’an to follow only the divine laws; to deny anyone else as their sovereign; and to leave everything else aside in order to unite on one point. They should concentrate their efforts on establishing the system of Sala and providing for the nourishment and development of mankind. This is the only firm system that guarantees benefit and uplift to mankind.

(6) However, the Ahl-ul-Kitab adopted divergent ways in this regard. Some accepted it, while others rejected it; and the mushrikeen have the same attitude. The end result for all those who have refused to accept the truth of the (divine) system would be awful destruction in which everything would be reduced to ashes; and they would abide therein (for ever). (This state of affairs would continue even after death.) Such is the life of the worst of creatures.

(7) On the contrary, people who believe in the truth of the divine system and work in accordance with the constructive programme (as determined by the Almighty) are the best of creatures.

(8) The results of their righteous deeds shall come before them according to Allah’s Law of Mukafat. They shall abide forever in a heavenly society, the freshness of which would never fade (because this state would not end with death). This is because they have brought themselves into harmony with the divine laws, and the results of their deeds shall be drawn up according to the promises made to them by the Almighty.

All this happened because these people had wisdom and far-sightedness. They were afraid that if they did not lead lives according to the divine laws, then the outcome would be doom.

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