Exposition of the Holy Quran – 97 Al-Qadr (G A Parwez)

Surah 97:  Al-Qadr


(1) We revealed the Qur’an with permanent values and principles at a time when the world had become dark, without the light of wahi. Hence, the night when the revelation started was indeed the beginning of a new era (2:185, 14:1, 44:1-4, 81:17-19).

(2) Who can tell you better than Allah Almighty, how sublime and dignified the night was when these illuminating values and principles were revealed?

(3) This one night is better than the thousands of months when mankind had been deprived of the light of wahi.

(4) This night is in fact the harbinger of the era which is destined to emerge with the revelation of the Qur’an; the specialty of that era is that gradually the heavenly forces (forces of nature) and the divine revelation(1) would supplement one another. Under divine guidance, human beings will continue to conquer the forces of nature and gradually utilize them for the universal rabubiyya of mankind. Peace and order shall thus prevail in every aspect of human life.

(5) The world would thus be rid of all darkness and ultimately the earth will glitter with the most wondrous light of its Rabb (39:69, 83:6).

—- Footnote —–

(1)          Ar-Rooh is the divine energy that makes laws in the world of amr. This divine energy revealed wahi to the heart of the Nabi. That is why wahi has also been called Ar-Rooh. So, considering the context, we have taken Ar-Rooh to mean divine energy at times, and wahi in other places (see 16:2, 42:53, 17:85-86, 2:97-87, 26:193, 70:4, 78:38).


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