Exposition of the Holy Quran – 95 At-Teen (G A Parwez)

Surah 95: At-Teen

(The Fig)

(1-3) (O Rasool! The clash between good and evil that you are facing today is not something new. Similar situations have arisen from the beginning of time and will continue to do so. Whenever a divine revolutionary voice was raised, the forces of selfish interests, despotic rulers, capitalists and priests always opposed it. Hence, history bears testimony that) When this proclamation was made by Noah from the Mount of Teen, it met similar opposition; and the same happened when Jesus spoke from the Mount of Olive. When Moses commenced the same revolution from the Mount of Sinai, he too was similarly confronted. Now, when you are undertaking this mission from the city of Makkah (the city which is to become the centre of peace and security – 2:126), it is facing similar opposition.

(4) This struggle occurs because We have bestowed man with the ability to nourish and develop his self and lead a balanced life in a dignified manner.

(5) However, his selfish interests pull him down to the level of animal life. (The heavenly revolution wants to raise him to an elevated human level, but this goes against the vested interests of selfish people. A clash thus occurs between these forces and as a result, one group attains a high position in human dignity. But later generations start interpolating the divine code and subsequently again fall to the lower animal level. This is the situation of the Arabs who are being addressed here.)

(6) The only way to ascend to the highest human level is to believe firmly in the truth of the divine laws and to act upon the virtuous programme determined by them. As long as a nation continues to follow this programme it will keep deriving benefits, which it will get, not as charity but as a matter of right (11:108, 84:25).

(7) After you present these unalterable facts and historical evidence, what other argument could there be for one to lie to you about Our Law of Mukafat?

(8) The Law of Mukafat (retribution) testifies that no one has supreme authority and power, except Allah Almighty. The final judgment in all matters is always made according to His laws. (The Qur’anic order means a state in which sovereignty is only exercised by the divine laws, namely the Qur’an. It is only this order which maintains human dignity and through which mankind is saved from falling to an animal level.)

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