Exposition of the Holy Quran – 94 Al-Inshirah (G A Parwez)

Surah 94: Al-Inshirah

(The Opening Up)

(1) (O Rasool, the fact that you are encountering difficulties and that final success is being delayed should not upset you. Recall the circumstances and your own state of mind before nabuwwa; and how thereafter the difficulties were gradually removed and how various avenues opened up with divine guidance.)

This strengthened your heart so much that difficulties, which had seemed almost impossible to overcome, appeared to be easily surmountable. You became much more courageous and your spirits soared (20:25).

(2-3) At this time (in the initial stages of this programme when you alone had to face tremendous hardships) your back almost gave way under the weight of responsibilities. However, gradually the number of your companions increased (due to which your burden lessened).

(4) (Initially, nobody was prepared to listen to you seriously. Instead, all kinds of accusations and ridicule were hurled at you, causing you much distress and anxiety. But gradually the situation changed and now) Your very name is being mentioned with dignity and reverence. Your fame has spread to far-off places and the message of the Qur’an has attained an exalted position.

(5) The earlier hardships of life in Makkah were eased by the advent of Hijra.

(6) (Now the opponents have started waging wars against you. This has created new difficulties, but you will see that even) After these hardships there shall be ease and comfort. (This in fact is a principle of life, that for those who in the beginning face hardships with fortitude and steadfastness, later on there shall be ease and comfort.)

(7) But keep one particular thing in mind! Do not be under the impression that once the divine order is established, the era of difficulties would be over and that you will be relieved of your duties. No! This will not be the case. Thereafter, a new mission will commence and you will have to carry this message from national to international dimensions. For this, you will have to face the whole world and as such, you will still have to remain firm and steadfast.

(8) Therefore, when you have accomplished the previous task, you should prepare yourself to embark on another one to further expand the Nizam-e-Rabubiyya. Always remember that in this programme, your attention should never be diverted. (This is what ordinary reformers do! When they campaign they talk of high morals, but once they succeed, they move away from these. This is great fraud.) Whether successes or hardships come your way, every step you take shall be towards the destined programme of the divine order. Never budge even a little from that course (110:1-3).

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