Exposition of the Holy Quran – 93 Ad-Duha (G A Parwez)

Surah 93: Ad-Duha

(The Bright Morning)

(1-3) (The time that is required to make your efforts fruitful according to the divine law is causing you some concern. O Rasool!) Rest assured, neither has your Rabb abandoned you nor is He displeased with you. Do you not see how before daylight appears, the darkness of night covers everything and makes the whole atmosphere calm and quiet; and how long these hours of darkness and stillness are? These facts show that:

(4) The initial stage of this programme would be difficult, requiring forbearance and courage. Ultimately it will turn out to be a source of all blessings; and everything in future will be better than the earlier part of your life.

(5) It will not be long before your Rabb bestows so much on you that all your wishes and desires are fulfilled.

(6) In this regard, O Rasool, consider your own life. Is it not a fact that once when you were alone, He provided you protection and shelter; and

(7) Is it not a fact that when you were wandering in search of truth, He guided you through His wahi to the right path; and that

(8) He found you needy and gave you so much, making you secure and independent of everyone?

(9) (Thus you have seen how ease and comfort come into your life after every hardship. This is also likely to happen with your mission. Therefore, be firm and steadfast in your programme, so that in your society) If someone becomes lonely and helpless, no one should suppress him or push him away; and

(10) No needy person should be despised (he should not become dejected by the arrogant and indifferent attitude of people who are in a position to fulfill his needs).

(11) In order to bring about such a change in society, make it known to everyone that the bounties of your Rabb are not for any one group to take into their exclusive control, and deprive others. These should be equally available to every needy person (41:10). (This is the first and the foremost link of the programme).

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