Exposition of the Holy Quran – 92 Al-Lail (G A Parwez)

Surah 92: Al-Lail

(The Night)

(1) Just take a look at the universe and it will appear to be a collection of opposites. For example on one side is the night which covers everything in darkness;

(2) And on the other side is the day which brightens everything by its light.

(3) Among living beings, males are created along with females whose physical functions are different.

(4) This diversity is for the distribution of functions (labour). (Due to this distribution, the aims of your endeavors in social life are different. This is how the system functions so smoothly. However, if you consider that this distribution of labour divides humanity into schisms, one having no connection with the other, then this is a misconception. If you look at day and night superficially, or at the distribution of men and women, you will find that each one of them appears to be different from the other. However, if you look more closely, you will notice that both are linked with each other. They are branches of the same origin as well as facets of the same fact. In spite of this distribution of labour, human beings are an indivisible unit.

(5) Therefore, remember that whoever, considering all mankind to be one entity, gives out of his hard-earned money for the nourishment of others is careful not to create unevenness in society (92:18-19);

(6) And gracefully keeps its balance intact, gives practical proof of the truth of his conviction (that on the basis of their origin all human beings are alike).

(7) Thus Our law of Rabubiyya helps him pass with ease through various stages of life.

(8) On the other hand, for the one who amasses everything for himself thinking that he is self-sufficient and independent of others (96:7),

(9) Thus practically belying and disturbing the balance of society;

(10) Our Law of Mukafat makes the passages of his life difficult.

(11) When he falls into the ditch of destruction, the wealth which he thought made him independent of others, would be of no avail to him (69:28, 111:2).

(12) (He had adopted this course of action relying only on his intellect. However, intellect alone teaches one to safeguard personal interests only, because it is incapable of looking beyond personal gains. The correct guidance in this respect can only be given by Allah’s wahi.

(13) This is because wahi has in view man’s immediate gains as well as his future pleasures (93:4).

(14) (So O Rasool! Caution the people who do not accept the guidance of Our wahi that) Their attitude is taking them towards the path of jahannam, the blazing fire which will burn everything to ashes.

(15) Only the one who rebels against Our laws will fall into this jahannam of destruction;

(16) That is the one who belies Our laws and seeks ways of digression.

(17) The one who guards the divine laws is however, kept away and safe from this destruction.

(18) He is the one who (in time of need) gives away everything that he owns for the nourishment of others. In this way his own self also receives nourishment and develops (9:111).

(19) Also, he does not expect recompense for whatever he gives them (76:9). In fact the recipients do not posses anything from which they could pay him back.

(20) The only thing he aims for is the establishment and strengthening of the universal order of Rabubiyya ordained by his supreme sustainer.

(21) Accordingly his labour and efforts continue to embrace appropriate results. This is his real reward, bringing him genuine happiness.

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