Exposition of the Holy Quran – 85 Al-Burooj (G A Parwez)

Surah 85: Al-Burooj

(The Great Constellations)

(1) The locations and movements of the stars, which manifest themselves in space;

(2) And the revolution, the occurrence of which has been repeatedly promised (in the Qur’an);

(3) And this Rasool who stands witness to the occurrence of this revolution and the very system whose establishment and stability is being assured.

(4-5) All the above bear testimony to the fact that people who oppose this system, to the extent that they are preparing to wage war to annihilate it, will ultimately perish. With their planning they are digging trenches and igniting the fire of discord (in them).

(6) They are sitting firmly over their programme.

(7) They also watch, as outsiders, what other people are planning and doing against the Jamat-ul-Momineen.

(8) They want to take revenge against the momineen, for no reason other than the fact that they (the momineen) have professed eiman in Allah Almighty, Who is worthy of all hamd (5:59, 22:40);

(9) (Eiman in the One) Whose power and authority spread over the entire universe, the heavens and the earth; and He watches over everything.

(10) (Tell them that) For those who persecute momin men and women, without making any amends thereafter, there will be burning chastisement, which reduces everything to ashes.

(11) On the other hand, for those who profess eiman in the truth of the divine laws and work on the invigorating programme suggested by it (in this world as well in the hereafter), there shall be a life of janna, the freshness of which will never fade away. This certainly is a great achievement.

(12) (Tell these opponents not to be obstinate because) The grip of Allah’s Law of Mukafat is very severe!

(13) He creates everything from its beginning and then, passing it through various stages of evolution, takes it to its destined completion.

(14) He protects all things in the universe from destructive elements, because He wishes them to become what they are destined to be (thus taking His programme to its completion).

(15) For this purpose He has kept the central control, which is extremely powerful and exalted, in His own Hands.

(16) Only His authority and discretion prevail in the universe. It is according to these attributes that He devises laws for the universe and ensures their accomplishment. No one else can interfere in this. He alone decides what law should be made for which thing. (These unchangeable laws, which Allah Almighty makes in the realm of amr by His absolute authority, are called His mashiyya.)

(17) (His law is also in force in the human world in the form of the Law of Mukafat. As evidence that this law is in fact in force) He has narrated episodes of those who came with large armies to oppose the divine laws; (namely)

(18)  The people of the Pharaoh and the tribe of Thamud (and the pages of history bear testimony to what happened to them).

(19) (Therefore O Rasool) Tell these people that those who violate and belie Our laws;

(20) (That) This law surrounds them from all sides.

(21) They do not know that the divine code, the Qur’an, which they oppose is indeed sublime.

(22) In order to keep it safe from extraneous effects, it has been inscribed upon an imperishable tablet. (It is preserved as a divine writ in the universe as well as in the pages of the Qur’an. Therefore nobody can efface it – 56:78.)

(The unalterable law of Allah Almighty, whether it pertains to the physical universe or to the human world, can never be obliterated. The first category is the law of nature and the second the Qur’anic code of life. Both are safely preserved – 15:9.)

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