Exposition of the Holy Quran – 84 Al-Inshiqaaq (G A Parwez)

Surah 84: Al-Inshiqaaq

(The Splitting Asunder)

(1-2) When all energies and forces in space explode – this happens according to the law of Allah Who provides nourishment to the entire universe. It is under His law that the entire system functions. He has made it such that every occurrence fits perfectly in His programme;

(3-5) And when habitations shall spread out to far off places on earth. The earth will give forth its treasures and become emptier. This will also happen according to the divine law, the obedience of which is in the very nature of these things. They have been made this way.

(6) O man! There is absolutely no doubt that by dint of your own experiments and observation, you will ultimately reach the divine order which has the responsibility for nourishing all humanity. However, this shall happen only after a lot of striving and strenuous effort. (In contrast, under the guidance of wahi that stage can be reached in a much shorter time, with minimum effort.)

(7-8) The fact is that the deeds of one who follows wahi carry bounties and joys; and all his affairs are conveniently settled.

(9) He happily returns to his people. (He has no difficulty in adjusting with like-minded people and thus a happy universal brotherhood comes into being.)

(10-12) But the one who follows the path of ancestor worship sees his past as having been bright; and his future as dark. He invites destruction to his house and thus experiences the chastisement of jahannam.

(13-14) He joyously lived among like-minded people and never imagined that such a change would come in his life. He was under the impression that he could continue doing whatever he liked; and that his power and authority would never suffer a setback.

(15) But he did not know that Allah’s Law of Mukafat watches over all his actions and that his future would be determined according to his deeds. (People following an erroneous way of life may get some immediate gains, but their future remains bleak.)

(16) The cosmic system stands testimony to this reality. For example, just observe the setting of the sun as (its light disappears from view but) its afterglow remains visible for some time.

(17) Gradually this twilight also disappears. Thereafter, the darkness of night envelopes everything (and out of this darkness appear the shining stars and bright moon).

(18) And the moon, passing through various stages, slowly becomes full.

(19) These cosmic phenomena are testimony to the fact that you too would ascend, through various stages of development, towards new heights. When you conform with one stage, you will attain the capability to go to the next, thus attaining new heights stage by stage (with the process continuing even after death).

(20) It really is surprising that (in spite of all this clear evidence) these people believe in neither the divine Law of Mukafat, nor in life hereafter (which in fact is another name for a further evolutionary stage of life);

(21) And when the Qur’an is presented to them they do not bow in complete submission.

(22) Instead they reject its truth and belie its laws.

(23) (And they do all this because it affects their personal interests. However) The Almighty knows everything about what these people collect and hoard in their lockers, for spending on themselves only (70:18, 104:1-9).

(24) (O Rasool!) Convey to them the warning that the outcome of this attitude is a very painful chastisement (9:34-35).

(25) Only those who have faith in the truth of the divine laws and do virtuous deeds to improve their own self as well as universal mankind, will be safe from this devastation. The outcome of such behaviour would be never-ending comfort and pleasures (14:24-25, 41:8, 68:3). They will receive all this not as charity, but as a matter of right.

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