Exposition of the Holy Quran – 82 Al-Infitaar (G A Parwez)

Surah 82: Al-Infitaar
(The Cleaving Asunder)

(1) (The revolution that has been referred to will be such that) The forces diffused all over will disintegrate;
(2) And the stars shall be dispersed (or small groups will disperse);
(3) And the oceans (or rivers) will start flowing (meaning that communication on them would increase);
(4) And the earth’s treasures shall be dug out (100:9).
(5) Then (a social system will also be established in the world of human beings. In it) Everyone will see the results of their past and present deeds unveiled before them.
(6) O human being! (You are revolting against the divine laws in this manner.) What is keeping you away from the most respect-worthy law of Allah’s rabubiyya and inciting you to such violation?
(7) The Rabb (Who according to His law of creation) took you through various evolutionary stages one after the other; and fashioned you by removing unnecessary elements, thereby creating excellent balance, proportion and symmetry in you (95:4).
(8) Thereafter, according to His Law of Mashiyya (plan), He gave you a suitable form (54:29).
(9) Just think; can you dare deny His Law of Mukafat? (In any case, what difference would your denial make?).
(10-12) He has appointed the most honorable and trustworthy guardians over you. They know all that you do. They are continuously recording everything (and this forms the basis of the divine Law of Mukafat).
(13) According to this law, the one who broadens in human life will live in comfort and luxury;
(14) As for those who create disintegration in society and in their own self, their further development would come to a stop (2:27).
(15) And on the Day of Judgment, they will find themselves inside jahannam.
(16) Remember! Even now they are not out of the sight of jahannam (29:54, 79:36).
(17) (Jahannam is watching them even now, but at that time they will see jahannam. This shall happen on the day of deen, the period when the results would be manifested.) Who can tell you how the day of deen will be?
(18) Of course, who else but Allah Almighty can tell you how that period would be.
(19) That will be the day when everyone will see his deeds in front of him. Neither will anyone be able to do anything for the other; nor would one have any authority over the other. All power and authority will rest with the divine laws; and only these laws will prevail. (In other words, man will neither be subservient to anyone, nor will he be needy. No one will be able to save any criminal from the punishment for his crime. This will be the day of deen – 1:3.)

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