Exposition of the Holy Quran – 64 At-Taghaabun (G A Parwez)

Surah 64: At-Taghaabun
(The Loss and Gain)

(1) Everything in the heavens and on the earth is actively fulfilling the designated programme of Allah Almighty. He is the source of all power and hamd; and accordingly He has devised measures for everything over which He exercises full control (7:31-36: 14:1-2, 16:5-6, 18:7, 67:1-5).
(2) It is He Who gave you human form. (And the greatest quality of a human being is his capability of choice. Accordingly) Some of you are kafir and others are momin. No other creation in the universe has been given the choice to either accept or reject the divine laws, and that is why human beings are held responsible for their actions (18:29). (Although man has been given this choice, he does not have the authority to go on the wrong path and be rewarded as if he had taken the right one.) The consequences of his deeds will be compiled according to Allah’s Law of Mukafat, which sees everything.
(3) He has created this grand universe as an absolute reality. (It is not an illusion, or a meaningless dream.) He granted you a countenance, wherein He concentrated the full potential for beauty and grandeur. (In order to see that this potential is manifested, there has to be an objective standard. This standard is Allah Himself, Whose attributes are ultimate, perfect and most beautiful. You should try to imbibe His divine attributes in your own person as far as possible. That is the ultimate aim of your life in this world.)
(4) He is aware of everything that exists in the outer universe; as well as whatever happens in your inner world or becomes manifest through your deeds. He is even aware of the imperceptible thoughts which cross your minds. (Therefore it is not possible that any of your deeds will go unnoticed.)
(5) This is evident from the historical episodes of earlier nations. Whichever amongst them denied the truth of the divine laws and established their systems on false principles, had to face the consequences. They were caught in a grievous chastisement of doom and destruction.
(6) The messengers of Allah came to them with clear self-evident reasons and laws, but they contemptuously looked down upon them and said, “Do we accept the leadership of men (like us)?” (The criterion should not have been that the person conveying the message is like them. Rather, it should have been the nature of the concepts he was presenting. However, without reflecting over it and with arrogance) They rejected it, turned around and went away in a different direction. (They consequently suffered; and no harm was done to Allah.) He is beyond needing people’s assistance for the accomplishment of His programmes. He is self sufficient and worthy of all hamd.
(7) (Like their predecessors) People who deny the divine code are under the wrong impression that they possess mighty powers whereby they cannot be dislodged from their obstructive attitude towards the divine order. Tell them not to be under this false impression for they cannot be in the way of Allah’s Nizam-e-Rabubiyya. “You shall certainly be dislodged so that humanity can continue to go forward. At that time you will see the outcome of your deeds.” And it is not at all difficult for Allah to dislodge them, for this can be easily achieved according to His Law of Mukafat.
(8) (Tell them that if they want, there is still time to save their selves from this doom.) They should believe in Allah and His Rasool; that is the divine code (the Qur’an) that Allah has sent as illuminating guidance for your intellect (just like the light which the sun provides for your eyes to see). Allah’s Law of Mukafat is fully aware of everything you do.
(9) However, if you do not do this, then the final decision of this struggle will take place on the battlefield, on the day all of you will gather. That will be the day of either victory or defeat. The outcome of this clash will bring forth each group’s shortcomings which were responsible for their defeat. The shortcomings of the jama that believes in the truth of the divine laws and works according to the beneficent programme set by it, will be compensated by their righteous deeds. In this way (by overpowering their opponents) they shall establish a heavenly society. That society’s freshness shall never fade; and they will abide there forever. This obviously is a great achievement (and their position shall be the same in the life hereafter).
(10) On the other hand, those who deny the truth of this system and belie Our laws are destined for unending suffering and destruction. What an awful end to life!
(11) It should be clearly understood that everything in the universe happens according to the divine law (according to set regulations and not in a haphazard manner. This is so because) He has full knowledge of everything.
The intellect of whoever believes in the truth of these laws receives illuminating guidance, with the help of which he can understand the causes and effects of incidents that take place. (It is obvious that nations which can understand the mechanism of how these incidents take place, how to derive benefit from them, and how to safeguard themselves from their ill effects, can be successful!)
(12) (If you want to develop these qualities you have to) Obey the divine order that is being established by Allah’s Rasool. If you turn away (no harm will come to Allah or His Rasool. The loss would be yours because) The responsibility of Our Rasool is only to convey these laws to you explicitly. To work according to them is your own responsibility.
(13) (And remember that you can never attain success by turning away from these laws. The reason is that) Only Allah’s law is in force in the universe. No one else enjoys any authority or power. People who are convinced of this reality have full trust and confidence in the firmness of these laws.
(14) (O Jamat-ul-Momineen! You who are striving for the establishment of this Nizam-e-Rabubiyya, should particularly keep one thing in view. This system is based on the concept that you work hard and that after meeting the needs of your family from your earnings, you keep the rest available for mankind. If your spouses and children do not agree with this concept, then they would be in your way. And) It is likely that some of your spouses and children may become your enemies. Hence keep this in mind. If you go beyond their short-sightedness and extend the concept of universal rabubiyya beyond the four walls of your own homes, you will be able to establish a system that provides protection and means of development to all the people (including your own family).
(15) With this background your wealth and children will serve as a crucible for you, out of which you can come out either as pure gold, or as a heap of ashes. You shall become pure gold if you never forget that real and productive reward for your labour is that which you get according to the divine laws.
(You have already been told how to remove such a conflict from your domestic life. At the time of choosing a life partner you should consider that both of you should have similar views and ideologies. Also, you should train your children so that they too grow up with the same idea. Such a home will not have this conflict – 2:221.)
(16) Therefore guard the divine laws to the best of your ability. Listen carefully to the directives of the divine system and obey them. Keep your earnings open for public nourishment. Your own betterment lies in this. This will broaden your outlook and will not let the instinct to gather everything for yourself and deprive others, prevail. Man’s selfish instinct teaches him that his crop would only flourish if he waters his fields and brushes aside the needs of others. On the contrary, Our Law of Rabubiyya is that ultimately the crops of only those who give preference to other people’s needs would flourish (59:9).
(17) The law also teaches you that whatever you give for the nourishment and development of others, is in actual fact a loan that you give to Allah Almighty. If you give it for the establishment of the divine system, He will return it to you manifold. He will also protect you from possible harm.
Allah fully rewards everyone’s effort and ignores their minor shortcomings, because He is forbearing and has a broad vision.
(18) He knows all that is hidden as well as that which is manifest. He has full control over His laws; and this control is rational.

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