Exposition of the Holy Quran – 63 Al-Munafiqoon (G A Parwez)

Surah 63: Al-Munafiqoon
(The Hypocrites)

(1) (O Rasool) When these munafiqeen (hypocrites) come to you, they swear that you are undoubtedly Allah’s Rasool. Allah is aware that you are indeed His Rasool. However, these people only say this but do not really believe that you are a Rasool. Therefore, they are liars. (According to the Qur’an, when the heart and tongue are not in harmony, then what is spoken is a lie. This is also known as hypocrisy.)
(2) They made their oaths a screen for their falsehood, so that they could divert people from the path of Allah. Whatever they are doing is extremely harmful (for them).
(3) We are exposing them because outwardly they declare themselves to be momin; but whenever any situation arises they adopt kufr. In fact they do not profess eiman from the depth of their hearts. The psychological effect of this hypocritical attitude is the sealing of their hearts, making them devoid of understanding anything.
(4) Outwardly their appearance looks surprisingly pleasing; and they speak in such an innocent manner that everyone likes to listen to them and believe them. But internally their condition is like that of a moth-eaten wooden skeleton that is propped up against a wall. They lack self-confidence and the energy of life. They are so cowardly that they panic upon the slightest commotion, fearing that calamities will occur. They are always fearful lest a conspiracy is being hatched against them.
They are your enemies and therefore you should be cautious about them. Allah condemns them! What an adverse attitude they have adopted!
(5) When they are asked to come forward and admit their omissions and deficiencies, so that Allah’s Rasool may seek protection for them through the divine system, they turn away. They wait a while and then walk away in arrogance.
(6) O Rasool! (We know how much your heart desires to somehow save them from disaster but) Your wishes cannot save them from destruction. It makes no difference to them whether you pray for them or not. They have transgressed and gone so far away that they will surely be punished according to Allah’s Law of Mukafat. According to the divine law, avenues of peace and prosperity do not open for those who leave the right path and go astray (without any intention of changing their attitude).
(7) Such is their plight (that let alone helping the divine order), they even tell others not to give any financial help to those who are with the Rasool. In this way they hope (that when they start dying of hunger) the Rasool’s followers would leave him and disperse, and so his mission would fail.
Tell them that treasures of the heavens and the earth are with Allah Almighty. He does not need your help; but most certainly these hypocrites do not comprehend!
(8) These people say, “Wait till we go back to Madina. You will see how the chieftains of Madina drive these weak and contemptible people out of the city.” Little do they know that respect and authority are reserved for the associates of the divine order; and therefore for the momineen. These munafiqeen do not understand this reality.
(9) (These are the designs of the munafiqeen. Therefore) O Jamat-ul-Momineen! Beware and do not get trapped into their plans lest your plight becomes similar to theirs (the munafiqeen); and the love of wealth and your children makes you oblivious of the divine laws. Whoever behaves like this should remember that he will suffer a grave loss.
(10) Before death approaches any of you, keep whatever Allah has given you open for the establishment of the divine order. Otherwise you shall say in sheer desperation, “O my Rabb, if you had given me some respite I would have testified my claim to the faith. I would have been among those who are busy completing your beneficial programme, thus improving the lot of humanity as well as their own personalities.”
(11) But the unalterable law of Allah is that no respite is given after death comes to a person (therefore you should not procrastinate in whatever you want to do). Allah is fully aware of everything you do!

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