Exposition of the Holy Quran – 62 Al-Jumu’ah (G A Parwez)

Surah 62: Al-Jumu’ah
(The Congregation)

(1) Everything in the heavens and on the earth is actively busy fulfilling the designated programme of Almighty Allah, the sovereign, Whose power and authority has no limits. He has full control over everything and exercises this control with wisdom.
(2) (In order to enforce a divine system in the human world, similar to the one in the universe where everything functions according to the divine law, Allah Almighty started sending a chain of divine guidance.) The last link of that chain is this Rasool, who has come to the people who had previously never received any divine book. This Rasool presents the divine laws to the people and then explains the objective and wisdom behind them. At the same time he gives them a work programme that will help develop their potentialities. Hence, as a result of his teaching of the divine message and training, a nation that was previously totally lost came over to the right path.
(3) (The message of the Rasool is not confined to this nation only.) This message is also for those who will come after these people. In other words, the Rasool has been sent to the whole of humanity, present as well as future generations. (That is why the Qur’an has been preserved for all times to come.) The Rasool’s task of passing on the message would be continued forever by his followers, through the Qur’an. This has been done under the command of Allah, Who alone is almighty and truly wise.
(4) Bestowing wahi is the sole and exclusive prerogative of Allah Almighty. For this exalted status He selects whoever He wills. It is also a fact that the guidance which is given through this wahi, is one of His blessings. It is available to all those who want to benefit from it. (Wahi was revealed by Allah only to the anbiya; but guidance through this wahi is available to everyone.) What a sublime act of grace it is (that He provided mankind with means of nourishment, to meet their physical needs; and provided guidance of wahi for the development of their human life). He truly is the master of magnificent bounties.
(5) (But only the people who comprehend what they read and then act upon it can benefit from Allah’s book. The book is of no use if it is carried around wrapped in beautiful covers. This is what the Bani-Israel did to Allah’s book; and you can see their condition.) The Torah was given to them and they were told that it was their duty to act upon it. However, they (carried the book with extreme reverence but) did not undertake the responsibilities it imposed on them. An apt parable would be that of a donkey laden with books. This is an example of people who admit to the truth of the divine laws, but belie it by their deeds. How wretched their plight would be! The people who treat the divine book in this way obviously cannot find the right path. (Can a donkey ever go on the right path just because the books on its back contain guidance?)
(6) (Such was the conduct of the Bani-Israel. They merely carried the divine book around, instead of obtaining guidance from it, and at the same time they remained under the false impression that they alone were favoured by Allah.) Tell them, “If you really are the only ones who are Allah’s closest friends and favourites, then aspire to die in His cause. This would substantiate your claim (2:94).”
(7) You will see that they will never wish for death, because they know that after they die, they will have to bear the consequences of what they had done in the past. Allah knows very well what goes on in the hearts of such criminals.
(8) Tell them, “The death that you are running away from will surely come to you one day. At that time you will have to revert to His Law of Mukafat – the law of the Almighty Who knows all that is secret as well as that which is manifest – whereby the consequences of what you have done will be disclosed.”
(9) (Why did this happen to the Jews? It was because they turned Allah’s deen into a religion. As a consequence their collective force withered away and what remained behind was simple rituals, a private relationship between God and man.) O Jamat-ul-Momineen! Be careful that this does not happen to you. You should always live a collective life, which in fact is the requirement of deen. In this regard (for example), whenever you are called upon to a community congregation for sala, you should come to it quickly leaving behind all business, to listen with your own ears to the divine laws and instructions for which you are being summoned, and according to which you have to function. If you ponder over it, you will realize how beneficial these congregations are for you.
(10) And when this congregation of sala is over, disperse and go wherever you like in search of your livelihood. However, do not think that the requirement of your deen is only to hold such congregations. The laws were conveyed and explained to you so that at all times and in every aspect of life, you should keep them in mind. Now that you have come out in search of a livelihood and business, keep these directives in view. Therein lies the key to your success and prosperity. (Let others choose whatever path they like for their success. For your success you should follow the divine laws only. This in fact is the only real success.)
(11) When these people (who have recently converted to Islam and thus lack proper training) see an opportunity for a good business or some amusement, then (O Rasool!) they run toward it leaving you standing alone. Tell them that whatever they get by following the divine laws is far more beneficial than all other business. It is also much more attractive than any other amusement. Remember! The means of livelihood that you get according to the divine laws are most pleasant and beneficial.

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