Exposition of the Holy Quran – 52 At-Toor (G A Parwez)

Surah 52: At-Toor
(Mount Sinai)

(1-3) The divine guidance which sometimes appeared on Mount Sinai (and sometimes on the Mount of Olives – 95:1-3); and this book (the Qur’an) which is in front of you, written on a fine velum parchment and publicized in the farthest of places; and
(4) This house of the Almighty (the Ka’bah) which is the centre of this divine order, the code of which is this book;
(5) And along with this (for those who ponder and reflect) is the cosmos, the outer space spread out beyond the horizon;
(6) And down below are the mighty oceans, with their vastness and depths that flow joined with each other;
(7-8) The system of divine guidance and the mighty universe are witness to the fact that Allah’s Law of Mukafat (which produces a result for every action – 45:22) is an absolute reality. Accordingly, the erroneous way of life of these opponents is bound to produce destructive results; and no power in this world can avert it.
(9-10) When the time of destruction comes, its extreme commotion shall rout the mighty chieftains like a downtrodden path. These chiefs, who look like haughty immovable mountains, would thus be moved from their positions. (Here the metaphorical meanings of words jabal and sama have been taken.)
(11) That will be the day of destruction for those who deny the divine Law of Mukafat,
(12) (That is) The people who do not take life seriously but rather consider it to be a game. All their efforts are for achieving selfish ends and physical comforts; and they are always busy doing only that. (The acquisition of physical comforts should not be an end in itself; rather it should become a means to preserve higher human values.)
(13-14) On that day, when they are rounded up, dragged and pushed towards the jahannam of destruction, they will be told, “This is the punishment you belied and considered to be a pack of lies.
(15) “Say now. Was it a delusion or is it real? Can you not see it even now?
(16) “Now enter this chastisement. Whether you bear it with patience or noisily will make no difference. Remember! This fire (chastisement) has not been brought from anywhere outside. You are now being confronted by the results of your own misdeeds. This destruction was in-built in those deeds.”
(17) One the other hand, the muttaqeen will be enjoying heavenly life, wherein they will have all the comforts and pleasures of life.
(18) The means of nourishment which they will receive from their Rabb will make them extremely happy. They will also be safe from the torment that inhibits growth and development of the human personality, which in turn affects progress through evolutionary stages.
(19) They will be told, “Eat and drink with relish. All this is the reward for your own efforts.”
(20) All the stately luxurious furnishings and couches have been arranged in rows where you can recline in this blissful atmosphere. Your companions will be clean and pure in thought and intellect, without an iota of deceit in their persons.
(21) This arrangement will be for the people who believe in the truth of Our divine laws; and those, from amongst their progeny, who follow them faithfully will also join them in enjoying these pleasures. The reward for their labour will not be lessened at all because Our law is that every person will be fully recompensed for his own deeds. (Accordingly, there is no question of any changes in the accounting of deeds. Everyone gets appropriate reward for his deeds – 74:38.)
(22) And We shall abundantly provide them with delicious fruit and finest meat and whatever else they may desire.
(23) There they will pass on to each other cups of (invigorating) drinks, hand to hand. These will neither have any intoxicating effect nor will they give rise to frivolous talk or create dullness and lethargy.
(24) (As was mentioned above in 52:21). Their youths will be around them, neat and clean like pearls in their shells (13:23, 52:21, 59:17).
(25) These people will go forward with cheerful faces to welcome and wish each other well.
(26-27) And they will say that it is because they have previously been extremely courteous and generous in their dealings with associates and friends, that Allah has graciously saved them from the torment of the scorching heat that would have reduced all their efforts to ashes.
(28) They used to turn towards the divine law before deciding on any of their affairs. That is why He has blessed them and shown that He alone is truly benign and the dispenser of rahma.
(29) (O Rasool. The divine order you are endeavoring to establish is bound to produce results in this life as well as in the hereafter.) So continue to present to them the message of the Qur’an (and do not be disturbed or disheartened by whatever they say about you). You are neither like the soothsayers who forecast on guesswork, nor are you possessed. (You are presenting God’s wahi which is based on knowledge and rationality.)
(30) Not only do they say that you are either a soothsayer or mad; they also assert that you are a poet and that time will soon fade you out.
(31) Tell them, “It is fine with me. You wait and I shall also wait along with you.” (The results themselves will tell you who I am and the reality of what I say!)
(32) People who talk like this are not doing so because their intellectual level is so low that they cannot understand the teachings of the Qur’an. They can understand it, but their selfish motives overpower their feelings, thus prohibiting them from reflecting over the teachings. Hence they become rebellious.
(33) They even go to the extent of saying that (no such thing as wahi is ever revealed to him and that) he fabricates it himself and then attributes it to Allah. In actual fact they do not want to abandon their selfish motives and profess eiman.
(34) (Tell them that if they really do believe that I fabricate all this and then attribute it to Allah Almighty, or that this is just some poetry or soothsaying, then it is very simple to come to a decision.) Let them bring a writ like this. (There are lots of poets and soothsayers amongst you. Collect them together and let them produce a code of life like the Qur’an – 2:23, 10:38, 11:13, 17:88.)
(35) (If they deny the Creator Who reveals wahi, then just ask them one thing) Have you come into existence on your own or are you your own creator?
(36) Or have you created the heavens and the earth? In fact they are certain of nothing. (Their stand is not based on knowledge, intellect or reason, but on simple emotions.) That is why they do not believe the facts presented in the Qur’an.
(37) Or do they have the treasures of your Rabb? And have they been appointed in charge of these treasures, so that all affairs can be run according to their desire without interference from anyone?
(38) Or do they have a ladder by which they can climb up to the heavens and directly hear for themselves the heavenly secrets(1)? (If they claim this then) Let them bring proof in support of what they say. Nothing can be accepted without reason. (O Rasool! The proof that whatever you present is wahi from Allah, is your challenge to them that no one else can produce a similar discourse. If they have any similar claim, let them prove it.)
(39) (They claim to have access to the heavens but look at the level of their intellect, particularly when) They also say that Allah has offspring, and that too daughters. However, for themselves they (prefer to) have sons.
(40) Or is it that they do not agree with you, because you demand some reward or wages (for what you preach), and because they are worried that they would be burdened with this penalty, they want to remain away from you (68:40)?
(41) Or do they not want to profess eiman because they have acquired knowledge of future happenings through which they know that whatever you say is unlikely to happen?
(42) (None of the above is the reason for their attitude. In actual fact they oppose your mission because it affects their selfish interests and they do not have the courage to say so openly. At the same time) They are conspiring to trap you. However, let them do

so; for they themselves will fall into that trap (and no harm will come to you).
(43) They think that their false gods will help them. This is simply their whim. No one other than Allah wields any authority in the universe and He is above and beyond being ascribed any associates.
(44) (They are so deeply involved in their whims and wishful thinking that while destruction has surmounted them from all sides, they believe that their gods will turn their miseries into comforts. This has blinded them to the extent that) Even if (for instance) they see with their own eyes a segment falling on them from the sky, they will remain unperturbed because they believe that this would not destroy them. They would consider it to be a massive cloud of rain that is coming to irrigate their fields.
(45) (There seems no scope for people whose mentality is so blurred to come to the right path. Anyhow, you have done your duty of conveying the message to them. Now) Leave them alone until they are struck with lightning and doom befalls them.
(46) At that time, neither will their planning be of any avail to them nor will anyone be able to help them.
(47) This chastisement will take place in this world. However, there is another one waiting for them in the world hereafter, but most are not aware of it.
(48) (So leave them to their plight and) Continue to strive hard to establish and strengthen the divine order, with complete composure and steadfastness. You are always within Our sight and We keep a watch over you.
(49) Remain ever busy, from morning till evening and through the night till the stars begin to wane, to make this Nizam-e-Rabubiyya (universal system of sustenance) worthy of all praise and hamd (50:41).


(1) It is the peculiarity of wahi that no human being can get it by himself. It is always revealed by God to man. However, the saints/sufis (the mystics) claim that they can get direct divine knowledge through their own work and effort. (This is what is called kashf and ilham or divine inspiration). This claim is completely against Qur’anic injunctions. No human can obtain divine knowledge. That knowledge was revealed by God to whosoever He wished. This process has been permanently discontinued after Rasool Allah (Muhammad PBUH).

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