Exposition of the Holy Quran – 51 Az-Zariyaat (G A Parwez)

Surah 51: Az-Zariyaat
(The Winds)

(1-4) All groups which propagate and spread the divine message are laden with the great responsibility for establishing the divine order. They are moving onward slowly and steadily, spreading the divine programme to the whole of mankind.
(5-6) They are witness to the fact that whatever the opponents are being told is absolutely true. The opponents are bound to be punished for their deeds (at the hands of these momineen).
(7) Away from the human world, consider the outer universe and see how after splitting from the original nebula, the numerous cosmic bodies are moving in their orbits. They are all bound by physical laws and are moving to their destination. (In this infinite outer space, these celestial bodies are spread out all over and are continuously in motion according to a destined programme.)
(8) And here you are deeply at variance with each other, with different opinions and destinations.
(9) (It is not that you were created in a way which forces you to walk on different paths. No not at all! You were given the choice to select your own path.) Anyone amongst you who wants to leave the straight path and take the wrong one is allowed to do so. Nobody is compelled to tread the right path or is put forcibly on the wrong one. (This is the fundamental difference between the human world and the system in the universe.)
(10) Those who select the wrong path do not have any solid argument, reason or authority. They just resort to mere guesswork and take speculative decisions.
(11) Their decisions are based on sheer ignorance. They ignore realities despite having the sources to ascertain the truth (their intellect and the guiding light of wahi). However, they never turn this way seriously.
(12) (As a result of this attitude, when you talk to them about the requital of deeds, instead of accepting the truth of this principle, they sarcastically ask) When will that day come when they will be punished for their deeds;
(13) The day, on which the chastisement will destroy them?
(14) And they will be told, “Taste the result of your mischief. This is the chastisement for which you were in such a hurry.”
(15) On the contrary the muttaqeen will live a joyous and blissful life;
(16) Enjoying all the comforts and pleasures which their Rabb has granted them because they had lived a virtuous life. (This is their reward.)
(17) They spent their day in pursuing the divine programme and (then) slept very little at night (as they were occupied in mutual discussions on various aspects of the programme – 73:1-3, 73:20.)
(18) At the dawn of each day they would start off with the desire that they should remain safe and secure from every destructive force.
(19) In practical life they did not hold back for themselves all that they had earned. They kept a share from it, as a matter of right, for those whose income fell short of their needs or who were unable to earn.
(20-22) (They had not adopted this attitude blindly, but had come to this conclusion after a lot of thought. Anyone who utilizes intellect and reason would come to the same conclusion. For example) When he looks at the earth, he will conclude (that this source of nourishment has been granted absolutely free by the Almighty with the aim that all human beings should receive nourishment out of it). Similarly, when he thinks about rain, which is the other source of obtaining sustenance, he will conclude that this arrangement has been made for universal Rabubiyya. (When he ponders over the functioning of his own body, he will observe that every part receives due nourishment from what he eats. Similarly, the distribution of wealth should be such that it benefits the whole of mankind according to individual needs.)
Thus after thinking about Allah’s promises of a pleasant future, he will believe with certainty, these will definitely manifest themselves if he lives the right way.
(23) And after observing the sublime system of Allah’s rabubiyyat for the entire universe, he proclaims without hesitation and with full conviction and faith, that whatever is being revealed through wahi is the absolute truth; as true as if we ourselves were talking (about it).
(24) (If these people are not convinced with the physical evidence of the universe, present historical episodes to them and tell them how the erroneous lifestyles of previous generations produced destructive results. Take the case of the nation of Lot. The story begins with) The tale of honourable guests who had come to Abraham.
(25) When they came to him they bade him salaam (peace); he too responded with salam (though he could not recognize them). To him they were strangers.
(26) (Even if they were strangers, they were guests and hospitality had to be extended to them. So he brought forth the meat of a fat (roasted) calf;
(27) And placed it before them. However, he noticed that they were not touching the food. So he asked, “Why aren’t you eating?”
(28) (Even then they appeared unwilling.) Abraham got somewhat concerned, whereupon they said, “Do not be afraid. There is no cause for any concern. (We are not enemies but friends, and messengers of Allah and) We bring you happy news of the birth of a son who will be endowed with deep wisdom and knowledge.”
(29) And when Abraham’s wife heard this, she struck her forehead in utter surprise and said, “How strange! A barren old woman who could not give birth even in her youth will give birth to a son in this old age!”
(30) They said, “We have not told you this on our own, but this is the message from your Rabb that we have conveyed to you.” When this is the decision of Allah Almighty, it is bound to happen. He also knows why you could not give birth earlier and how this capability can be restored in you.
(31) (Now Abraham understood that they were Allah’s messengers and had come for a special purpose. Therefore he asked) “And what (else) is the mission that has been assigned to you?”
(32) They said “We have been sent to a (wicked) nation that is guilty of crimes. (They are so involved in their misdeeds that they are even unaware that the volcano next to them is ready to erupt. Otherwise, they could have made some protective arrangements. If they remain transgressors like this then),
(33-34) Divine chastisement from the Almighty will befall them in the form of brimstones, earmarked for their death. Destruction is bound to come to any nation which crosses the limit of violating the laws.
(35-36) (Thus after taking leave from Abraham, they went to the people of Lot.) There they found that except for the house of Lot, no one else had submitted to the divine laws. According to Our directives, the residents of that house (except for Lot’s wife) came out and moved to a different place. All the rest perished.
(37) The signs of this episode are written upon the ruins of this place. Those who fear the grievous suffering which can result from living an erroneous way of life can learn from these signs.
(38) Similarly (for those who ponder and reflect) there are signs in the story of Moses, when We sent him to the Pharaoh with clear laws and rationale.
(39) But the Pharaoh, feeling proud of his power, turned away from these laws and said about Moses, “He is either very clever and a liar; or he has gone mad.”
(40) So in reprisal for their crimes, Our Law of Mukafat seized him and his forces; and their fleet drowned because of their own doings. They deserved this.
(41) Like this (as signs of Our Law of Mukafat) in the story of people of Aad We sent against them the chastisement of blasting winds.
(42) Such was the intensity of that punishment that whatever it touched was reduced to dust and ashes. Nothing was left intact.
(43) And in the story of the tribe of Thamud (there are signs of Our Law of Mukafat), We gave them respite and told them to enjoy the sustenance provided to them during this period.
(44) But they did not take advantage of this respite and insolently defied the divine laws.
(45) Hence (when the time for judgment came) a devastating earthquake overtook them. (All their haughty claims perished and) They were neither left with enough strength to stand up after falling once, nor to call any one for help. Who can render help against the divine Law of Mukafat.
(46) And before them was the nation of Noah, who too had adopted an erroneous way of life (as a result of which they were destroyed).
(47) (This is Our Law of Mukafat, under which earlier communities came to such an end. Everything in this universe is busy making the divine law effective. That is why) With Our power and strength We have built the universe that is spread out in the cosmos. The expanse of Our power has no boundaries.
(48) And the earth was spacious and spread out wide so that it would be comfortable for Our creations. See how beautiful and fine the comforts We create are!
(49) We have created everything with its counterpart, so that each pairs with the other; and you may ponder.
(50) We have explained all this to you so that you may become aware of the universality of Allah’s authority and hasten to adopt the path indicated by Him, leaving aside all other erroneous ways. My duty (the Rasool’s) is to continue to warn you about the disastrous consequences of your erroneous way of life.
(51) You should not set up any other authority as partners with Allah. No one else wields any authority or power besides Him; and I have been commanded by Him to give you clear warning about the outcome of your erroneous ways!
(52) (In reply they say ridiculous things about you. However, since you are not the first rasool, the attitude of these opponents is also not unusual.) In the past also, the people to whom rusul were sent had told them that they (the rusul) were either liars, deceitful or insane.
(53) From such events it seems as if every passing generation will be the next one to adopt a behaviour which leads to a revolutionary attitude. The fact remains that their selfish ends instigate these people to rebel against the divine laws (and since the mentality is always the same, the reaction to this revolutionary call is also manifested in a similar manner).
(54) Therefore, you should not be grieved by their bevahiour. Continue to fulfill your own programme, irrespective of them. You will not be blamed for this (because you have done your duty of conveying the divine message to them).
(55) And always keep on reminding the Jamat-ul-Momineen about the divine laws. Such reminders will be a source of strength for them; and this method will prove beneficial to them.
(56) Remember the fact that the very objective of the creation of human beings, whether civilized urbanites or uncivilized nomads of the desert, will be fulfilled if they develop their potential abilities by following the divine laws (and devote themselves to establishing the universal social order for nurturing all mankind).
(57) The establishment of this order will not benefit Allah Almighty. It will bring good only to you. He does not want anything from His subjects; neither food nor any other form of sustenance.
(58) What can He expect from His subjects? He is the One Who Himself provides sustenance to all creation. All power and strength belongs to Him. (Similarly the social order that is established according to His laws will also not ask for anything for its own benefit. It will only work for the benefit of mankind.)
(59) But if these people (do not fulfill the objective of their creation and) rebel against it, then their result will be the same as that of earlier nations which had adopted a similar attitude.
However, this will appear in its own time. These people should not be in haste, for the moment the cumulative effects are accounted they will be doomed.
(60) Thus an awful doom awaits the people who deny the hour of judgment and those who have no faith in the divine Law of Mukafat (Law of Retribution).

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