Exposition of the Holy Quran – 45 Al-Jaathiyah (G A Parwez)

Surah 45: Al-Jaathiyah

(Kneeling Down)


(1) Allah Almighty, Who deserves all hamd and is sublime, says:

(2) This divine code is being revealed from Allah Who, besides being wise, holds supreme power and authority.

(3) The signs of His power and wisdom are spread out in the heavens and on the earth, but only people who have conviction in the truth of His laws can perceive them.

(4) His signs are (not only in the outer universe but also) in your own creation as well as that of other living beings who are distributed everywhere. But these signs are only for those who believe in the truth of His laws;

(5) And in the rotation of night and day; in rain that comes down from the clouds and gives new life to dead land; and winds that change direction as per fixed timings. In all these there are signs showing the truth of the divine laws; but only for those who use their intellect and reason.

(6) The Almighty, Whose laws successfully function in the outer universe, has also revealed for human society the divine code which is based on absolute truth.

If they do not have eiman in the divine laws revealed to you, even after pondering over His signs which are distributed throughout the universe, then O Rasool, ask them what other lore will they believe in?

(7) (Abiding by this code, will bring success and happiness. On the contrary) There will be doom for the one who rejects it when he realizes that he has to struggle for such a life; because his selfish and comfortable life has made him dull and inactive. This in fact is the real reason for his denial but he conceals it under the cover of falsehood and deceit (26:222).

(8) So in spite of listening when the divine code is presented to him, he turns away with sheer arrogance as if he has not heard it. The result of his denial and rebellion will be no less than grievous chastisement.

(9) It is due to his arrogance that he makes fun of Our laws. Hence, just as they ridicule the divine laws, they will be given humiliating punishment.

(10) The flames of the fire of jahannam are blazing around them (if they only could see them now – 29:24, 79:36, 82:16). At that time all that they have gained (in the world) will not be of any avail to them, nor shall any of the gods they had regarded as their protectors instead of Allah, be able to help them. An awful chastisement awaits them.

(11) The Qur’an guides everyone to a wonderfully pleasant life. Therefore, what else can be in store for people who deny such divine laws, except dreadful suffering?

(12) How the divine laws bring forth the comforts and pleasures of life can be understood by reflecting over the laws of nature. (For example) It is Allah who has subjugated the mighty ocean so that boats can sail on it according to His laws, to enable you to move around and seek subsistence. Thus, your efforts produce fruitful results.

(13) It is not only the ocean. He has subdued everything in the heavens and on the earth for you, within the bounds of His law. And herein are signs for those who think and reflect (about the fact that whoever acquires knowledge of the laws which govern all activities in the universe, will be able to control these forces and beneficially utilize them).

(14) O Jamat-ul-Momineen, always do your utmost so that people who are ignoring the divine revolution, are somehow protected from the inevitable destruction which will requite everyone for his deeds.

(15) Your duty is to continue your efforts, but you cannot change the result of their deeds. According to Our Law of Mukafat whoever works positively will benefit himself; and whoever goes astray will himself suffer the consequence thereof. You cannot be outside the ambit of the law. Every step of yours goes towards it. (Past historical episodes bear testimony to this fact.)

(16) And We granted the Bani-Israel the divine code (the government) and sent many messengers towards them (3:78, 6:90). We provided them with pleasant subsistence and they were given a distinguished status among the comity of contemporary nations.

(17) The divine code which was given to them was very clear. However, they created factions and fell into schisms due to differences arising out of jealousy and stubbornness, even after receiving the knowledge (of wahi). (The reason for their differences and sectarianism was not due to ambiguity in the teachings of wahi. The teachings were very clear. Differences developed due to their stubbornness and desire to surpass each other.) Verily, your Rabb will decide between them on the Day of Judgment, considering all matters on which they used to differ.

(18) Thereafter (O Rasool!), We sent you on the clear and right path indicated by wahi (42:13). You should keep following it and ignore the whims and wishes of people who do not know the truth.

(19) They (the people who are grouping against you) will be of no avail to you because transgressors of divine laws always become close friends in opposing the laws. (You need not be afraid of them because) Allah becomes the protector and guardian of people who are righteous and guard the divine laws.

(20) This divine code contains precepts of wisdom for the whole of humanity. It guides those who believe in their truth to the correct destination; and it is a source of nourishment and development for all.

(21) Do people who are on the wrong path and create confusion, think that We would equate them with those who believe in the truth of Our laws and work on the constructive programme established by us? Would We make the life and death of both groups the same? What an erroneous thought they have in their mind!

(22) They do not know that Allah has created the universe for a purpose (and not as a useless and destructive thing). Every human being is fully recompensed for what he has done and no harm is done to anyone.

(23) (People ask why human beings need guidance of wahi when they have been given intellect and the ability to reason.) But have you not come across a person who takes his own feelings and emotions as his ilah and then does whatever his desires dictate? Have you not seen how, in spite of possessing knowledge and intellect, he treads the wrong path? His emotions overpower him, as if his hearing and heart have been sealed and his eyes covered with a veil. He can neither hear nor see anything and he does not comprehend anything (46:26).

When a person is so overwhelmed by his emotions what else can provide him guidance, except divine revelation? (The most valuable faculty a human being has is his intellect. When the intellect is blinded by emotions it becomes enslaved and consequently finds ways to serve desires and coin arguments to justify them. Under such circumstances, only a power that is higher than the human intellect and emotions can provide guidance. And this power can be none other than divine guidance, the wahi.)  Can you not ponder over this reality?

(24) People (who deny wahi and take their own emotions as ilah) believe that life is only this worldly existence. In this world people die and new ones are born and this cycle of life continues. (A child is born, lives a physical life, and he dies. Life ends. Man has no life other than this physical life.)

People who have no knowledge of the reality of man speculate on the basis of superficial knowledge. (A human being does not consist only of his physical body which ends when life ends. This is the animal level of life – 47:12. Man also has something else and that is his self. The self does not get destroyed with physical death. It continues to live. Just as bodily nourishment and growth need physical laws; the human self also needs laws based on wahi for its development and growth. This is why wahi is needed.)

(25) Whenever clear laws based on Our wahi are conveyed to them (those who limit life to this world only) they have no proper reason to oppose them. They are just being stubborn, and say, “If the dead can really be brought to life, then bring our ancestors back. Only then will we believe that your claim is true!”

(26) Tell them that life and death follow divine laws according to which human beings cannot come back to worldly life after death. They get another life in the hereafter. This is an absolute reality and although there is no doubt about it, most people do not understand it.

(27) All this happens according to law of the Almighty, Who controls the universe. When that great revolution occurs people treading the wrong path will suffer a great loss.

(28) At that time you will see that erring nations would have lost their strength and would be kneeling in humility. Each nation will be summoned to examine the account of their deeds. The result will appear before them and they shall be requited for all that they have done (19:68).

(29) (They will be told) Whatever you did was promptly recorded in this register. This record speaks the absolute truth, nothing more and nothing less.

(30) (Every person will be get retribution according to the record of his or her deeds.) Those who believe in the truth of Our laws, and work on a constructive programme, will be admitted by their Rabb to His rahma. This will obviously be a great achievement!

(31) And those who rejected the truth will be told, “Whenever you were presented with My laws, you behaved arrogantly and committed all sorts of crimes.”

(32) And you were told, “Allah’s promise always comes true (whatever is being told to you will certainly happen). This revolution is bound to come. There is no doubt about it.” You used to say, “We do not know what this revolution is. We think it is just a vague idea and therefore we are not at all convinced!”

(33) At that time their evil deeds will manifest themselves and they will be encircled by the very things they used to ridicule.

(34) They will be told, “Just as you ignored this day and became oblivious to it, today We will not care about you. Your end is doom and destruction (of jahannam) and no one can help you to get rid of this chastisement.”

(35) This is because you ridiculed Allah’s laws and worldly gains kept you in deception. Therefore, neither can you escape this punishment, nor will your wailings make Our favours revert to you (because Our favours can only be obtained through your own deeds – 30:57).

(36) At that time, Allah’s attribute of Rabubiyya, spread all over the universe, will also become operative in the human world and beget spontaneous hamd from everyone (1:1, 83:6).

(37) And everyone will admit that ultimate sovereignty in the universe belongs to Him. He is Almighty and His might is rational.

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