Exposition of the Holy Quran – 112 Al-Ikhlaas (G A Parwez)

Surah 112: Al-Ikhlaas

(The Unity)

(1) (In this connection it should also be clearly explained to your own people that your victory and success are not merely on account of your armed strength. Your success is in fact the result of the ideology which you present with reason and which you make people accept through logical arguments. The fundamental point of this ideology is the concept of Allah Almighty. In the way you present this concept of Allah, it is not possible for a man who ponders intelligently over it, to refuse to accept it. That concept is that)

There is only one Allah Almighty, Who is unique in His person and attributes. No one shares these with Him. Only His law is in force in the entire universe; and all mankind should live under that one law. This will create unity in mankind. (The inevitable outcome of the concept of oneness of the Creator is the singularity of law and unity of mankind.)

(2) Allah is self-sufficient and everything else is dependent on Him for its survival, nourishment and development. He is like a firmly established lofty rock which itself is safe from all dangers. And everyone else rushes towards it to seek safety and protection from a deluge.

(3) He has brought into existence every living being through the process of creation; not of procreation. (In procreation a part of the producer is passed on to the product. Thus the father, namely the producer, becomes somewhat deficient. This is not the case in creation.) Neither did He give birth to any one, nor is He Himself a product of the process of procreation.

(4) There is no one who can ever be His equal or His like.

(Leaving the few atheists aside, the majority of people in the world proclaim that they believe in God. However, God is not visible so everyone can see Him and believe in Him in the same way. God is non-physical, non-visible and beyond perception. Therefore, a person has to tie his belief in God to the concept of God which he has. If you have only one concept of God, it means you believe in God. If at the same time you also have another concept, it means that you do not believe in God in spite of your claim that you do. The true concept of God is that which God Himself has given in the Qur’an. A purer or higher concept about Him cannot be obtained from any other source of knowledge. The secret of success lies in believing in God and as far as humanly possible, reflecting God’s attributes in one’s personality. The nation that bears such high qualities will be invincible.)

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