Exposition of the Holy Quran – 111 Al-Lahab (G A Parwez)

Surah 111: Al-Lahab

(Father of Flame)

(1) Look at the great representative of your opponents. He is mainly responsible for all the socio-economic evils of the Quraish and is the biggest supporter of this evil and unjust system. The custodian of the Ka’bah) Abu Lahab has been rendered completely helpless in opposing the divine order and he has been destroyed. (This is not the destruction of one person, but that of the entire social system he represents.)

(2) All his riches and whatever he had acquired, for which he was offering such stiff resistance, was of no avail to him. (All these could not save him from destruction. An unjust system cannot sustain itself on the strength and support of wealth, for its destruction is inherent in its very foundations – 69:27-28, 92:11, 96:7.)

(3) You shall see how he falls into that blazing fire of jahannam (hell), the flames of which are so destructive!

(4) Along with him will be his wife who (as an equal partner in his deeds and because of her backbiting and carrying concocted tales) carried the fuel of jahannam on her back.

(5) You will see that her (rebellious) neck, which never bowed before anyone, will be disgraced and humiliated by coir of rope twisted around her neck. (The unjust order will be defeated in this way and the system you uphold will be triumphant.)

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