Exposition of the Holy Quran – 110 An-Nasr (G A Parwez)

Surah 110: An-Nasr


(1) (After making the proclamation mentioned in the previous surah you should separate yourself from these people and commence the next part of your programme. You will see how quickly the results ensue. However, at this juncture keep it clearly in mind that) When succour and victory are achieved according to the divine law and opposition from these people dies off, the avenues of deen open up;

(2) And you see people joining the divine order in groups, one after the other (19:96); (then)

(3) (You should not think that the task is over and that the objective has been achieved. No, not at all! This in fact increases your responsibility and in order to discharge it) You should become intensely busy in order to make His Nizam-e-Rabubiyya (universal system of sustenance) worthy of all hamd (deep appreciation) (94:7-8). At that time some evil and mischievous forces will surely try to hatch conspiracies to create chaos in your system; and to defend it you will have to seek protection from your Rabb. If you do so then divine assistance will come forth very swiftly.

(This message through you, is for your entire ummah (nation), including the present one as well as the coming generations. Tell them that they will have to adhere to this programme under all circumstances. If they leave it or became lazy in its implementation, then another nation, which will be better, will take their place – 47:38.)

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