Exposition of the Holy Quran – 109 Al-Kafiroon (G A Parwez)

Surah 109: Al-Kafiroon

(The Disbelievers)

(1) (O Rasool! You have spent a lot of time and energy to direct these people on to the right path. You have done your best to save them from destruction; but it seems that they will not take the right course. They still believe that you will either give up or compromise with them, and therefore, in that hope they do not accept this call. So now the time has come that they should be told in clear and no uncertain terms.) Openly tell the people who oppose your mission,

(2-3) “My destination, and yours, are distinctly different and the paths leading to them are also separate. The goal we are trying to achieve is different; and the means are also different. Your deities and the one I obey are different. Your concept of obedience is different from mine. Your deities are carved out from your own imagination and the One I obey is the Creator of the entire universe! You worship your deities; and I consider obedience to the divine laws as worship. The two of us cannot come to one point; and therefore, the question of a compromise with you does not arise at all.

(4-5) Do not ever consider this difference to be temporary and that, with the passage of time, it will end on its own. No not at all! This difference is fundamental and on principles. It will not end now, or ever in the future.

Your deities and the One I obey will always be different. Your obedience means worshipping these deities; and mine means following the divine laws and upholding their ultimate sovereignty. These are ineffaceable differences.

(6)  Therefore as your programme is different from mine, you may follow your own programme and let me pursue mine. (The outcome will reveal which programme is successful (6:136, 10:41, 15:85, 42:15, 60:4,  73:10).

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