Exposition of the Holy Quran – 104 Al-Humazah (G A Parwez)

Surah 104: Al-Humazah

(The Slanderer)


(1-2) (O Rasool! Tell these people explicitly that) A person whose only aim in life is to amass wealth and then keep on counting how much he has collected (this becoming his main purpose in life – 70:18), develops a tendency to find a hundred and one faults with any reformer who stands up to criticize the capitalistic system. He even slanders such a reformer, making all this effort mainly to cause a split amongst his followers.

(3) Does he believe that his wealth will always save him from calamities?

(4) If he believes this, he is under a false impression. All his wealth will be thrown into jahannam (destruction), which in turn will break it into crumbs. It will thus be of no use to anyone (9:35).

(5) Who else except Allah Almighty can tell you what this jahannam of destruction is?

(6-7) This is the fire ignited by Allah’s Law of Mukafat, the flames of which engulf their hearts.

(8-9) This fire has been kept enclosed in lofty columns, which (out of sheer ignorance) these people consider to be an everlasting source of life. (Their own wealth, which they were so proud of, will turn into fire, reducing the very substance of their life to ashes.)

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