Exposition of the Holy Quran – 103 Al-Asr (G A Parwez)

Surah 103: Al-Asr

(The Flight of Time)


(1) The time which has passed, the entire history of mankind testifies that

(2) Human efforts have always ended in failure and man’s labour has gone to waste. After every step and at each stage, he was unsuccessful and in loss. He has never been able to achieve his objective.

(3) There is however, an exception. Who are the people who were successful, triumphant and victorious?

These are the people who believe in the stability and strength of the unalterable principles of life and permanent values given by Allah Almighty. They do righteous deeds which help sort out intricate problems of mankind, thereby creating equality (evenness) in society, which in turn develops every individual’s latent potentialities.

However, this cannot be done individually. It can only be achieved through collective efforts. As such, these people live a collective life where everyone not only performs his own duty and does the work assigned to him, he also persuades his colleagues to do their best and to face the difficulties which come their way, with fortitude and steadfastness. Their common pursuit for truthfulness and firmness thus becomes a binding link between them. They firmly and continuously adhere to this attitude, leaving behind their imprints for coming generations.

These are the characteristics of the Muslims thus ensuring their success and victory. The stories of the lives of other human beings are full of failures; and pages of history bear testimony to this fact!

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