Exposition of the Holy Quran – 102 At-Takaathur (G A Parwez)

Surah 102: At-Takaathur

(Greed for More)

(1) O people, do you know what makes you oblivious to the real destination of mankind? The answer is obsession, avarice and rivalry, because of which each tries to excel above the other (in amassing wealth and acquiring more and more – 57:20, 83:26).

(2) (If you confine your demands to fulfilling only your own needs, then what is acquired would be limited. However, when the motive is to excel over each other, then there can be no limit. In that case) The more you acquire the greedier you become, till such time that you reach your grave.

(3) This is not something which cannot be comprehended. If you think of it dispassionately you would soon realize how destructive this attitude is.

(4) Of course you can quickly understand the outcome of this way of life.

(5-6) If you apply your mind and seriously think about it you will see, with your own eyes, the jahannam towards which this life is taking you (29:54, 79:36, 82:16).

(7) But it appears that you will not use your intellect and reason; and you will blindly continue to follow this way till you fall into jahannam. Then for sure you will see it with your own eyes.

(8) At that time you will be questioned about the bounties the Almighty had bestowed for the nourishment of mankind, but which you collected to satisfy your own greed. You will also be asked whose toil and blood it was that decorated your palaces of joy and pleasure and what right you had to usurp them (21:13).

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