Exposition of the Holy Quran – 101 Al-Qaariah (G A Parwez)

Surah 101: Al-Qaariah

(The Calamity)


(1) Yes! That extremely noisy and thundering revolution! That uproar and stormy clash (which is likely to happen soon)!

(2) How awful that revolution will be (69:4)!

(3) Who else, except Allah Almighty, can tell you what will happen in that revolution?

(4) People will be like scattered moths;


(5) And their mighty chieftains will appear like fluffy tufts of wool flying around in the air.

(6-7) However, the revolution will not merely be an aimless riotous event. It will help establish a system based on justice and fair play, instead of the current unjust and unfair order. Everyone in it will be assigned a position according to his deeds. The one whose deeds weigh heavier in the scales will find himself in a happy and blissful life, just as he desires.

(8-9) And the one whose deeds are lighter on the scales will fall in the depths of degradation. His mind (or intellect) would not be of any help, and he will wander in utter suffering and despair.

(10) And what is this depth of degradation?

(11) It is a fiercely blazing fire burning everything down to ashes. (The rebellious emotions of man, which do not stay under the wahi, produce such results.)

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