Exposition of the Holy Quran – 100 Al-Aadiyaat (G A Parwez)

Surah 100: Al-Aadiyaat

(The Chargers)


(1) Just look at the plundering bandits who come on galloping and snorting horses, charging on to the people who are enjoying peaceful sleep!

(2) They make the steeds run at such speeds that their hooves give off sparks.

(3) No one knows from how far they have come, but at the crack of dawn when people are still in deep sleep, they make their assault for the sake of looting and killing.

(4) To create panic and confusion, they raise a huge cloud of dust so that nothing is clearly visible; and

(5) Then they penetrate deep into the ranks of the sleeping folks and create havoc.

(6-8) Man’s tendency to loot and plunder shows that when he insanely pursues the acquisition of wealth, he forgets the codes and rules of law. Instead of developing means of sustenance by using his innovative creativity, he wants to usurp the hard earned money of others and hoard it for himself. He thus shows his ungratefulness to the divine order of Rabubiyyat. Furthermore, he never acknowledges this mentality. Instead, he presents looting and plundering as great feats; and his own life shows that he does all this for his limitless greed and love of wealth (102:1-2).

(9-10) Is he not aware that Our Law of Mukafat exposes everything that is hidden, including the innermost thoughts and secrets passing quietly through one’s mind? A man may assert that he is not doing all this for his love of wealth, and that his intentions are different. However, Our Law of Mukafat shall expose his real intentions.

(11) Although all these secrets will be unveiled on the day the deeds are manifested, Allah Almighty knows them even today. He knows what the human heart actually holds back and what it reveals! (No capitalist will ever accept that he collects money due to greed. This however, is self-deception. A time will come when they will not be able to hide these desires and the world will become aware of them.)



In the first five verses of this surah, the Holy Qur’an has not clarified the parties that were looting. Considering Verse 6 and others thereafter, we have concluded that the earlier verses refer to groups who used to attack to loot, which was a common practice at the time of Arab ignorance (jahlia). However, if these verses are for the mujahideen (Muslim soldiers) who used to attack to conquer opponents, then these would imply praise for their effort. The later verse would complement it by saying that should man be left on his own, he would tend to collect everything for himself leaving nothing for poorer people. To stop them from this one has to break their strength with jihad (war). The mujahadeen sacrifice their lives and their horses for this purpose.

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