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01. Al-Faatiha 24. An-Noor 47. Muhammad 70. Al-Ma’arij 93. Ad-Duha
02. Al-Baqarah 25. Al-Furqaan 48. Al-Fath 71. Nuh 94. Al-Inshirah
03. Aal-e-Imran 26. Ash-Shu’ara 49. Al-Hujuraat 72. Al-Jinn 95. At-Teen
04. An-Nisa 27. An-Naml 50. Qaaf 73. Al-Muzzammil 96. Al-Alaq
05. Al-Maidah 28. Al-Qasas 51. Az-Zariyaat 74. Al-Muddaththir 97. Al-Qadr
06. Al-An’aam 29. Al-Ankaboot 52. At-Toor 75. Al-Qiyaamah 98. Al-Baiyyinah
07. Al-A’raaf 30. Ar-Room 53. An-Najm 76. Ad-dahar 99. Az-Zalzalah
08. Al-Anfaal 31. Luqman 54. Al-Qamar 77. Al-Mursalaat 100. Al-Aadiyaat
09. At-Taubah 32. As-Sajdah 55. Ar-Rahman 78. An-Nabaa 101. Al-Qaari’ah
10. Yunus 33. Al-Ahzaab 56. Al-Waaqiah 79. An-Naaziaat 102. At-Takaathur
11. Hud 34. Saba 57. Al-Hadeed 80. Abasa 103. Al-Asr
12. Yusuf 35. Faatir 58. Al-Mujadilah 81. At-Takweer 104. Al-Humazah
13. Ar-Ra’d 36. Yaa-Seen 59. Al-Hashr 82. AL-Infitaar 105. Al-Feel
14. Ibrahim 37. As-Saaffaat 60. Al-Mumtahanah 83. Al-Mutaffifin 106. Quraish
15. Al-Hijr 38. Saad 61. As-Saff 84. Al-Inshiqaaq 107. Al-Ma’oon
16. An-Nahl 39. Az-Zumar 62. Al-Jumu’ah 85. Al-Burooj 108. Al-Kauthar
17. Bani Isra’el 40. Al-Momin 63. Al-Munafiqoon 86. At-Taariq 109. Al-Kaafiroon
18. Al-Kahf 41. Ha-Meem 64. At-Taghabun 87. Al-A’laa 110. An-Nasr
19. Maryam 42. Ash-Shoora 65. At-Talaaq 88. Al-Ghaashiyah 111. Al-Lahab
20. Taa-Haa 43. As-Zukhruf 66. At-Tahreem 89. Al-Fajr 112. Al-Ikhlaas
21. Al-Anbiya’ 44. Ad-Dukhaan 67. Al-Mulk 90. Al-Balad 113. Al-Falaq
22. Al-Hajj 45. Al-Jaathiya 68. Al-Qalam 91. Ash-Shams 114. An-Naas
23. Al-Momineen 46. Al-Ahqaaf 69. Al-Haaqqah 92. Al-Lail


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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 114 An-Naas (G A Parwez)

Surah 114: An-Naas


(1) (To achieve the objective mentioned in the preceding surah) We should come closer to the divine law which provides for the nourishment of the whole of humanity (and not for a particular group of people or tribe). He is the Rabb of the whole world (1:1);

(2) This is the law of the Almighty, Who is the only One with the right and authority to ask for obedience from mankind. His authority prevails in the universe, so people should accept only His sovereignty. He is the sole sovereign of all mankind.

(3) Only His law can provide protection to all mankind and it is only in this way that human beings can be safe from all dangers. He is the ilah of the whole of mankind.

(4-5) While strictly adhering to the divine laws, we have to be extremely cautious of the people who come stealthily to whisper into people’s ears and then withdraw, thus creating doubts in their minds and weakening their firm resolve.

(6) All this is done by people who are known to you as well as by strangers; and also through intangible forces (which operate through imperceptible psychological propaganda).

In order to sustain the divine system, one has to be very careful and cautious of these evil and destructive forces. The only way to do so is to always obey the divine laws.

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 113 Al-Falaq (G A Parwez)

Surah 113: Al-Falaq

(The Rising Dawn)

(1) (The stage which this revolution is now entering is likely to produce a clash with the opposing forces. You thus have to be very careful. Just as a newborn baby needs its mother for protection, you should tell your followers) Say, ‘I take refuge under Allah’s Nizam-e-Rabubiyya, Whose law of creation and evolution stipulates that something new always results from the clash of positive (constructive) and destructive forces. The seed bursts and the shoot emerges (6:96).

(2) It would be good if whatever Allah has created in the universe is utilized according to the values and laws determined by Him, but it creates evil if it is utilized in an unjust and unlawful manner. Hence, it is very important for us to remain cautious of this type of evil. Utmost caution is required to avoid the unjust and wrong utilization (against the dictates of wahi) of the heavenly forces.

(3) Furthermore, we have to be extremely cautious when utilizing things, the non-availability of which would hinder growth and development (for example the lack of water hinders the growth of plants).

(4) The opponents of this system will unleash propaganda which, through its psychological effect, could weaken our firm resolution; dampen our spirits; and create doubts in our minds. This may result in shaking our convictions. Therefore, we also have to be cautious of such activities of the opponents.

(5) Also there will be people who will be extremely jealous of our successes. We also have to be careful of their jealously and malice.

(These are the evil and destructive forces about which we have to remain careful. The practical way to ensure this would be to fully obey the divine laws, and so remain within His protective custody.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 112 Al-Ikhlaas (G A Parwez)

Surah 112: Al-Ikhlaas

(The Unity)

(1) (In this connection it should also be clearly explained to your own people that your victory and success are not merely on account of your armed strength. Your success is in fact the result of the ideology which you present with reason and which you make people accept through logical arguments. The fundamental point of this ideology is the concept of Allah Almighty. In the way you present this concept of Allah, it is not possible for a man who ponders intelligently over it, to refuse to accept it. That concept is that)

There is only one Allah Almighty, Who is unique in His person and attributes. No one shares these with Him. Only His law is in force in the entire universe; and all mankind should live under that one law. This will create unity in mankind. (The inevitable outcome of the concept of oneness of the Creator is the singularity of law and unity of mankind.)

(2) Allah is self-sufficient and everything else is dependent on Him for its survival, nourishment and development. He is like a firmly established lofty rock which itself is safe from all dangers. And everyone else rushes towards it to seek safety and protection from a deluge.

(3) He has brought into existence every living being through the process of creation; not of procreation. (In procreation a part of the producer is passed on to the product. Thus the father, namely the producer, becomes somewhat deficient. This is not the case in creation.) Neither did He give birth to any one, nor is He Himself a product of the process of procreation.

(4) There is no one who can ever be His equal or His like.

(Leaving the few atheists aside, the majority of people in the world proclaim that they believe in God. However, God is not visible so everyone can see Him and believe in Him in the same way. God is non-physical, non-visible and beyond perception. Therefore, a person has to tie his belief in God to the concept of God which he has. If you have only one concept of God, it means you believe in God. If at the same time you also have another concept, it means that you do not believe in God in spite of your claim that you do. The true concept of God is that which God Himself has given in the Qur’an. A purer or higher concept about Him cannot be obtained from any other source of knowledge. The secret of success lies in believing in God and as far as humanly possible, reflecting God’s attributes in one’s personality. The nation that bears such high qualities will be invincible.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 111 Al-Lahab (G A Parwez)

Surah 111: Al-Lahab

(Father of Flame)

(1) Look at the great representative of your opponents. He is mainly responsible for all the socio-economic evils of the Quraish and is the biggest supporter of this evil and unjust system. The custodian of the Ka’bah) Abu Lahab has been rendered completely helpless in opposing the divine order and he has been destroyed. (This is not the destruction of one person, but that of the entire social system he represents.)

(2) All his riches and whatever he had acquired, for which he was offering such stiff resistance, was of no avail to him. (All these could not save him from destruction. An unjust system cannot sustain itself on the strength and support of wealth, for its destruction is inherent in its very foundations – 69:27-28, 92:11, 96:7.)

(3) You shall see how he falls into that blazing fire of jahannam (hell), the flames of which are so destructive!

(4) Along with him will be his wife who (as an equal partner in his deeds and because of her backbiting and carrying concocted tales) carried the fuel of jahannam on her back.

(5) You will see that her (rebellious) neck, which never bowed before anyone, will be disgraced and humiliated by coir of rope twisted around her neck. (The unjust order will be defeated in this way and the system you uphold will be triumphant.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 110 An-Nasr (G A Parwez)

Surah 110: An-Nasr


(1) (After making the proclamation mentioned in the previous surah you should separate yourself from these people and commence the next part of your programme. You will see how quickly the results ensue. However, at this juncture keep it clearly in mind that) When succour and victory are achieved according to the divine law and opposition from these people dies off, the avenues of deen open up;

(2) And you see people joining the divine order in groups, one after the other (19:96); (then)

(3) (You should not think that the task is over and that the objective has been achieved. No, not at all! This in fact increases your responsibility and in order to discharge it) You should become intensely busy in order to make His Nizam-e-Rabubiyya (universal system of sustenance) worthy of all hamd (deep appreciation) (94:7-8). At that time some evil and mischievous forces will surely try to hatch conspiracies to create chaos in your system; and to defend it you will have to seek protection from your Rabb. If you do so then divine assistance will come forth very swiftly.

(This message through you, is for your entire ummah (nation), including the present one as well as the coming generations. Tell them that they will have to adhere to this programme under all circumstances. If they leave it or became lazy in its implementation, then another nation, which will be better, will take their place – 47:38.)

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 109 Al-Kafiroon (G A Parwez)

Surah 109: Al-Kafiroon

(The Disbelievers)

(1) (O Rasool! You have spent a lot of time and energy to direct these people on to the right path. You have done your best to save them from destruction; but it seems that they will not take the right course. They still believe that you will either give up or compromise with them, and therefore, in that hope they do not accept this call. So now the time has come that they should be told in clear and no uncertain terms.) Openly tell the people who oppose your mission,

(2-3) “My destination, and yours, are distinctly different and the paths leading to them are also separate. The goal we are trying to achieve is different; and the means are also different. Your deities and the one I obey are different. Your concept of obedience is different from mine. Your deities are carved out from your own imagination and the One I obey is the Creator of the entire universe! You worship your deities; and I consider obedience to the divine laws as worship. The two of us cannot come to one point; and therefore, the question of a compromise with you does not arise at all.

(4-5) Do not ever consider this difference to be temporary and that, with the passage of time, it will end on its own. No not at all! This difference is fundamental and on principles. It will not end now, or ever in the future.

Your deities and the One I obey will always be different. Your obedience means worshipping these deities; and mine means following the divine laws and upholding their ultimate sovereignty. These are ineffaceable differences.

(6)  Therefore as your programme is different from mine, you may follow your own programme and let me pursue mine. (The outcome will reveal which programme is successful (6:136, 10:41, 15:85, 42:15, 60:4,  73:10).

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 108 Al-Kauthar (G A Parwez)

Surah 108: Al-Kauthar


(1) O Rasool! We have bestowed unbounded blessings upon you in the form of the Qur’an, which is the fountainhead of all good in the world. It is full of knowledge, truth, wisdom and insight, which as time passes, will continue to be manifested. No shortage will ever occur in this abundant benevolence (13:35, 14:24-25).

(2) Now it is incumbent on you to propagate its teachings and spread this mission far and wide. Therefore, remain busy in fulfilling your programme and discharge to the best of your ability your duty to establish the Nizam-e-Rabubiyya. Have full command and control, utilizing knowledge, intellect, experience and observation; and along with this make arrangements for the subsistence of your companions (1).

(3) Presently your jama (Muslim community) is somewhat weak and the opponents are very strong. But you will ultimately see that the people who oppose you today will be completely obliterated; and that this system which is the fountain-head of all goodness, will survive and be strengthened further.

——— Footnote ———

(1)          Nahr means slaughtering camels. This was considered by the Arabs to be the best meat. However, it was forbidden in the Jewish religion to eat the meat of camels. The Jews were well-established in Madinah. They thought that the Muslims migrating from Makkah were weak and would thus be subservient to them. The Muslims, on the other hand, were told at the outset that they did not have to be afraid of the Jews. The slaughtering of camels would thus be a defiant indication of their lifestyle, showing the Jews that they could not change their way for them. The truth can never compromise with falsehood.

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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 106 Quraish (G A Parwez)

Surah 106: Quraish


(1-2) The Quraish are the custodians of the Ka’bah and therefore they are held in great esteem by the people. It is due to this respect, status and commanding influence that neighbouring tribes and states have entered into covenants giving a guarantee that these tribes would not plunder their caravans. Accordingly, they can continue to dispatch their trade caravans everywhere, all year around. They can do so in summer and winter, always safely and securely.

(3-4) Because of their position as custodians of the Ka’bah, they enjoy many facilities. They have however, neglected the reason for which they were made the custodians. The Almighty had given them protection against hunger and fear, so that happily satisfied, safe and secure, they could make the Ka’bah the centre of the divine system. (In fact, they became holy priests, making the Ka’bah a shrine for visiting pilgrims.)

This is wrong. They should obey the divine laws of the Rabb Who owns this house and with Whose reference they enjoy this status. (Now this task will be undertaken by the Muslim community, which is being formed for this purpose.)


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Exposition of the Holy Quran – 105 Al-Feel (G A Parwez)

Surah 105: Al-Feel

(The Elephants)

(1) (If these opponents are under the false impression that no one can defeat a powerful and mighty force like theirs, you should tell them) “Have you not seen, with your own eyes, how your Rabb dealt with the army which had elephants?

(2) “You saw with your own eyes how He rendered their artful planning utterly unsuccessful.

(3) (They had selected an unknown pass on the other side of the mountain, so that they could lead a sudden attack and take you unawares.) “But flocks of eagles and vultures (which normally fly over the armies to pick up remnants of dead bodies or eatables) started hovering over their heads. In this way you realized from a distance, that some army was on the move behind the mountains (their secret plan was thus exposed).

(4-5) “Therefore you climbed over the mountain and started pelting them with stones, crushing their army and making them look like chewed-up stubble.”

(All this happened before your very eyes. When such a mighty army can be defeated, then what about yourself? All your secret plans will also fail.)

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