Birth of First Genetic Baby Free of an Incurable Disease: Liver Disease (Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)

Researches in genetic area are in rapidly accelerating pace. The first French genetic baby born at Antoine Beclere Hospital, south of Paris, in France, is a result of this research. This birth is the result of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, a technique in which embryos are tested for genetic faults before a healthy one (embryo) is implanted in the mother’s womb. This procedure also used in other countries like Britain, Belgium and USA enables parents carrying genes of a “particularly serious and incurable” genetic disease to try for a healthy baby.

This research is an exploration for healthy birth – “robust in body” only. And what about the birth “sound in mind”?

The Qur’an lays stress upon research to be conducted for the munificence of the humanity. We, as followers of the Quran, have to do two things (i) make a conglomeration of scientists harness the forces of nature in all areas, and (ii) develop system for the nourishment and training of the young generation grow in line with the permanent values given in the Quran. To begin with let it be in terms of:

(a)    Purity of conduct and character and also making the “wrong” elements stay far away from the pristine clear invitation of the Quran so that they may not infiltrate in it. (74: 4)

(b)   Not being led away under the impact of the non-Quranic concepts in life (56: 79)

(c)    Making the family life clear, clean and pure like Hazrat Ibraheem’s (AS) (2: 125; 22: 26)  And in short

(d)   Leading life within the sanctions imposed by the Quran.

This will pay to develop “sound mind” in that visualized “ robust body” that the scientists are trying to develop and this birth is the product.

Can we develop such a procedure? Pause and reflect on this burgeoning issue of sound mind in robust body!

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