An Intriguing Question!(Dr. Manzoor-ul-Haque)

What to do now? This is the most difficult question in the life of every person, desirous of bringing true change in the present go of the Muslims. The crux of the matter is that whatever is happening among the Muslims by the name of religion is not impregnated with the consequences the Quran compulsorily insinuates as the epitome of the natural bearings of Islamic life. And what ought to be done in accordance with the Quran is non-existent today. If struggle is initiated right from today, it will require a long time to bear its fruit. So what is to be done for this interim period? Should what-is-being-done be allowed to continue or be abandoned all together, or should struggle for the establishment of the Quranic system of life be initiated?

This question is the real miasma of confusion in the mind of every one whose heart vigorously hankers after the true Quranic revolution. Among the people longing for this revolution in the world are mostly those whose hearts are stuck deep with the ‘mire’ of the past from which they want to get out on their own; they also long to let the others be out of it. And simultaneously they hold their expectations struck deep to the future; they    -beyond any shred of doubt    -struggle for its revamping. They have to remain in the whimsical mode –the interval of life between death and the resurrection. It means their breast-piece nails the claw of the past and by future adheres to the other’s rent.

By the passage of time, most amongst them, not enduring this anguish and troubleshooting jostling revert to the past. And a few among them become those who catch hold of the vehement Divine grace for being totally cut off from their environment completely and comprehensively and adhere to the future, the kernel of their hopes.

Within this interval of life betwixt death and resurrection, usually the heart throngs that the past be not totally cut off and the future be come by still nearer to the present. This is what a poet said:

On each torpid turn of the world

There are some disinherited children

Whom no longer what’s been

Nor yet what is coming belongs!

But there is a warning: the Angel of revolution is very hard hearted. It does not know how to compromise. The urge on its part is to make this a pronouncement that: 

Innee wajjahtu wajhiya lillathee fatara alssamawati waal-arda haneefan wama ana mina almushrikeena (6: 79)

Having my link cut off from every nook and corner, I have turned my face purely to the Law of Allah who is the originator of the heavens and the earth and in this way I have cut off the very life vein of idolatry.

Beyond this declaration, it does not acknowledge any other go. To it the operational mode is: If you could not have access to it, then all else is vain and false!

So the people, desirous of the Quranic Code of life to be re-established today, and long to be the harbingers of this revolution now, would have to decide this significant question once for all.

If they understand that whatever is being done, does not conform to the teachings of the Quran, they would have to make its announcement unequivocally in open words even if their own passions be injured bluntly.

And if they understand that whatever is being done today, will conform to the Quranic Order of life after a little bit of pruning and purloining, I am reluctant to concede to it. It will never happen. With my own slight vision of the Quran, I have reached the conclusion that it will never pave way to the Quranic revolution.

Are we prepared from within to accept this phenomenon?

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